Covering MXA910 with fabric

Covering MXA910 with fabric

Date Updated: August 16, 2019 FAQ #5868
Can the MXA910 be covered with fabric?

In certain installations, covering the microphone or the mounting hardware with fabric may be desirable. Shure has tested the acoustic performance of this microphone with some fabrics from Guilford of Maine and Kvadrat.

In our tests, there was little effect on the microphone's acoustic performance if the fabric met one of the following specifications. To cover the microphone, the fabric should meet at least one of these specifications:

  • Specific airflow resistance of ≤254 Pa*s/m (Pascal-second per meter)
  • Any Guilford of Maine fabric with ≥0.95 NRC (noise reduction coefficient) rating

These are examples of fabrics that met our specifications at the time when Shure evaluated fabrics: Guilford of Maine's BeeHave, and Kvadrat's Ginger, Mi Casa, Casita, and Time.

For best results:

  • Use only 1 layer of fabric over the microphone or mounting hardware.
  • Always confirm the fabric's acoustic specifications and testing process with the fabric manufacturer. Shure doesn't keep track of any changes in fabric specifications.