Connectivity issues with the Motiv MVi, MV51, or MV88

Date Updated: February 19, 2018 FAQ #4710
I'm experiencing connectivity issues with the MVi (or MV51 or MV88) and my recording device. Any suggestions?

Power-cycle the device.
Ensure that you are using the latest version of the operating systems and the latest version any apps you are using with the Motiv mic.
Check if any additional apps are running in the background.
Try disconnecting and reconnecting the Motiv mic. The Motiv device might not light up until an app is running and ready to record.
Try the Motiv mic into another phone, tablet or computer. If the Motiv mic works on a different device, then the problem is likely the connector or cable on the device that does not work.
Clean the lightning connector on your Apple device using a toothpick or similar item. A dirty lightning jack can cause intermittent problems or worse.