A85F & A95UF - maximum signal levels?

Date Updated: October 14, 2008 FAQ #1993
Do the A85F & A95(U)F convert a 1/4", unbalanced signal into a XLR, balanced signal so that the noise cancellation of an XLR line is utilized or do they simply take the two lines of a 1/4" & use only two pins of a XLR acting as an adaptor? I need to find something (that's not in the thousands of dollars range) that can convert unbalanced to balanced & back again so that i don't get massive amounts of cross talk and ground noise from my (unfortunate) long run of numerouse cables. Would either of these work?

The A85F and the A95UF do contain transformers that convert an unbalanced, high impedance signal to a balanced, low impedance signal (and vice versa). But either device is designed to only handle microphone level signals [less than 0.1 volts (-20dBV)].
If you need to balance line level signals (great than 0.1 volts), consider the use of the Shure A15BT or contact: http://www.jensen-transformers.com/