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How Wireless Microphones Transform Higher Education



Wireless microphones can be an incredibly useful tool across all areas of higher education, from use in lectures and at external events to live performances and presentations.

Tackling Challenging AV Environments for Historic Attractions



At the Intelligent AV conference, AV managers and technicians who work on historic sites discussed the unique difficulties of setting up AV systems in these beautiful old places.

Audio Takes on Higher Learning



Shure UK Systems Group Regional Sales Manager John Ellis explains why AV technologies that deliver great audio ensure that college and University students get the message.




Leading manufacturer of microphones for live, touring and studio applications. Professional audio manufacturer of in-ear monitoring systems and sound isolating earphones.

Style Over Substance: When Sound Suffers in the Conference Room



Good architecture should provide both style and substance. But when form doesn’t follow function in the conference room, audio quality suffers.

Enhance Your Meeting Room Sound with Proper Ceiling Speaker Placement



Shure UK Systems Group's John Ellis explains how considering loudspeaker placement can dramatically improve the sound in your video conferencing suite.

Getting AV and IT Talking the Same Language



Advances in technology are helping AV and IT grow closer together. But how can companies relying on high-quality conferencing ensure their team speaks the same language?

Two Pros (and multiple tips) on Vocal Miking



We asked two of our favorites, pro audio educator John Chevalier and veteran touring engineer Paris Lahr, for their tips on how to mike live vocals.

Signal Path Podcast: John Grant



Listen to the latest SIGNAL PATH podcast with JOHN GRANT, a singer-songwriter who found solo success by distilling personal adversity into unsparing, witty and poignant music.

Orchestrating the Perfect Sound Check: John Mills



Leading manufacturer of microphones for live, touring and studio applications. Professional audio manufacturer of in-ear monitoring systems and sound isolating earphones.

John Mills on Improving Your Church Service Recordings



FOH engineer and Worship Musician contributing author John Mills offers tips on making the best church service recordings.

Bang It Like Bonzo: How to Get John Bonham’s Sound



Big kits and even bigger hits: Few drummers can match the enduring impact and appeal of JOHN BONHAM. Learn how to sound like the Led Zeppelin legend.

Miking Guitar Amps: Tips from Sound Pro John Mills



Sound pro and longtime contributor to Shure Notes John Mills provides some stellar tips for miking guitar amps.

Personal Monitoring for Your Church



Leading manufacturer of microphones for live, touring and studio applications. Professional audio manufacturer of in-ear monitoring systems and sound isolating earphones.

Shure Classics That Inspired the Design of MOTIV, MV5, & MV51



Lead Industrial Designer John Miller explains how iconic 20th century Shure microphones inspired the design of two portable MOTIV™ digital condenser mics.

PE585 replacement cable



Where can I find a cable for a PE585 unisphere A mic? Answer Shure no longer stocks this cable. Try Tom's Mics - Mr. Tom Ellis - phone 214-328-3225 tellis@ellisandassoc.com Tom offers cables for many...

PE55 microphone cable



Where can I find a cable for my old PE55 microphone? It is the old style push on plug with the screw collar. Answer The PE55 used a 3 pin Amphenol connector, part #MC3M. We do not carry these connect...

Cable for 708A microphone



I have a 708A mic but I can't seem to find the cord. Is there any way I can find the screw plug that goes on the mic? Answer The model 708A needs an Amphenol MC3M on the cable. We do not carry thes...

Repair of model 55SW



I have an old Shure 55SW microphone, and I've been told that you can refurbish the thing and bring it up to modern performance levels...is this true, and if so, approximately what would the cost be...

Cable for model 555



I have a mic labeled Shure Model 555 Unidyne Dynamic Microphone. It looks very old, but does not use a standard mic cable. Do you have adapters for it? It still has three holes, but also has a thread...

Parts for 707A microphone



I have a Shure Bros 707A Mic, maybe late 40's 0r 50's. It needs an element, can I still get these from Shure? If not do you have another source for new, used or rebuild? Answer Unfortunately all such...

Model 9860 OEM Bullet Microphone



I have a Model 9860 mic.  It is shaped like the Model 520 Green Bullet mic but is a different color. What can you tell me about it? Answer It is believed this mic was sold by Shure to John Meck Indus...

Cable for 556 microphone



I have an old Shure 556 Unidyne microphone serial# H7463. Where can I get a converter so I could use it in regular mic jacks? It has one of those big three prong plugs, but it is far to big to plug i...

Seeking Specs for old Model 530 Microphone



What are the specs for Model 530 Shure Bros Mic? Plus, where can I buy a cable for it? Answer Shure no longer stocks a cable for the 530. Try vintage mic cable supplier Tom Ellis: tellis@ellisandasso...

Where can I find a cable for a model 540 microphone?



Where can I find a cable for a model 540 Series II microphone? Answer The model 540 Series II needs an Amphenol MC3M on the cable. We do not carry these connectors. You can also get pre-wired cable...

Amphenol mic cable for model 315



I found an old Shure 315 microphone and i would love to be able to get the cable for it or the connector that goes on the end so that i can put it back into use. Can you help me find one? Thanks in a...

Repair parts for model 555



I am looking for a source to buy parts for a Shure model 555 microphone. In particular I need the 3 internal shock mount bushings that have dry rotted. Also the wind screen material that lines the in...

Old 55S parts



I own a pair of 1971 55S microphones and I was wondering if replacement parts are available. Also, I cannot seem to find a serial number on either one. Are they marked somewhere other than the obviou...

Mic cable for Shure 55S



I have an old Shure model 55S Unidyne dynamic mic and was wondering if there is a cable that will work for it.  Could you please tell me if you make a cord that will work for this mic? Answer The 55S...

545 and 550S adapters?



I have some mics that were discontinued in the 70's. The Shure 545 and the Shure 550S. I was wondering if I can find an adapter that would connect the three pin 550S and the four pin 545 to a regular...

Retro parts for an Shure 55AV



I have recently inherited what looks like a Shure 55AV. To my surprise it is still working fine. The only problem I have is the connector is the type with three binding posts. which does me no good i...

Mic element 99H86 for harmonica microphone



Kindly inform me where to find information of the Shure element 99H86 336. I've a custom built harmonica microphone with this element wich needs to be replaced. Are the still available on the market?...

Repair of model 55S



I have a Shure 55S microphone. It's signal has become very weak. A friend of mine had one that he had repaired years ago. He said there is a cartridge in the mic that goes bad. Can this still be fixe...

Cable for 55SW microphone



I need to replace the wire for a 55SW microphone 55SW. This mic has a female plug at one end of the cord and a phono plug at the other. The female plug on the cord has three contacts it attach's to t...

Simon Phillips on His Signature Drum Sound



Simon Phillips explains his jazz origins and the mic techniques that capture his signature organic and ambient drum sound.

The Future of Audio for Theatre Productions



Shure and Curtain Call put together a panel of industry experts at this year’s PLASA Show to explore the future of audio for theatre.

Model 51 - cable and connector



I am looking to find a cable and plug assembly for a Shure 51 vintage mic. Do you know where I could find a replacement? Answer Shure no longer has parts for these mics, including cables and connecto...

Parts for a 585SB



I am a blues harp player and I recently acquired a 585SB mic. I read that some great harp players used this mic. Can I can convert this mic to high impedance? I need to plug it into a guitar amp. Whe...

Vintage Mics for Blues Harp / Harmonica and Customization



Where can I learn more about vintage Shure mics for blues harp? And how to use them with amplifiers? And how to find parts and get a mic restored? Answer www.bluesharmonica.com This web site has deta...

Source for vintage mic elements and restoration



I am a blues harmonica musician and have collected the following Shure vintage mics 7A, 440SL, 520SL, 520D, etc. Where can I find the original elements that went with these vintage mics? Where can ...

How to Avoid Comb Filtering with Podium Mics



Here are some helpful hints from Shure Associate and audio pro John Born about how to avoid comb filtering with podium mics.

Repair of Model 51S Sonodyne Dynamic Microphone



I have two of the subject microphones. I have downloaded the data sheet for this microphone from your "Discontinued Products" web page. Comprehensive as the data sheet is, it does not describe nor in...

Shure Bros 707A Mic



I have a 707A Shure Mic which was picked up in a garage sale. I read earlier posts/FAQ's about these mic's and would appreciate answers to know three questions: 1. The cable/mic is hard wired with ...

Harmonica Breathing Noise With 520DX



I am a harmonica player just starting to experiment with mics and amps. I'm using a 520DX input to a Peavey KB/A 30 Keyboard/Acoustic amp. The problem is that when I turn up the mic and the amp to ge...

Shure Wireless Microphones and Personal Monitors Help Power 59th GRAMMY® Awards

Press Release


Leading manufacturer of microphones for live, touring and studio applications. Professional audio manufacturer of in-ear monitoring systems and sound isolating earphones.

All About Open Back Headphones



Headphones that let sound in? That’s the magic of open back headphones. Learn about when and why open back headphones are used.

SM57 on Steroids: The Shure SM7(B) Story



Shure's SM7 vocal mic for recording applications, is a mic with an amazing history that's generated a tremendous amount of buzz in the last several years.

55S Microphone



I have a 55S microphone (looks to be from the 50's) that seems to be in good condition, except that the threads for (what I think is) the amphenol connector at the base of the microphone are very ben...

Vintage Mics Repair and Replacement Parts



I recently purchased a Shure 737A crystal microphone. Where can I find some parts for this mic? Answer Sorry, Shure does not have the parts for repair of very old microphones. Discontinued product da...