Combo System with WL183 Lavalier Microphone

$1,149 $1,149

Featuring the WL183 lavalier microphone, QLXD14/83 combines professional features with simplified setup and operation.

QLXD14/83-G50: Wireless System, Frequency Band Version: G50, Power Supply included QLXD14/83-H50:Wireless System, Frequency Band Version: h50, Power Supply included QLXD14/83-J50A:Wireless System, Frequency Band Version: J50A, Power Supply included QLXD14/83-V50:Wireless System, Frequency Band Version: V50, Power Supply included QLXD14/83-X52:Wireless System, Frequency Band Version: X52, Power Supply included

Product Details

QLX-D® delivers outstanding wireless functionality ideal for mid-size events and installations in businesses, hotels, and government offices with conferencing spaces; schools, houses of worship, and live performance spaces.

  • 2 - AA batteries
  • 2 - 1/2 wave antennas
  • 2 - 2 BNC cables
  • 1 - zipper bag
  • 2 - BNC bulkhead Adapters
  • 1 - rackmount kit
  • 1 - user guide
  • 1 - power supply
$1,149 $1,149



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Frequency Compatibility Chart


Wireless Frequency Finder

Wireless Frequency Finder

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Wireless Accessory Wizard

Wireless Accessory Wizard

With a few simple inputs, this selection wizard provides recommended items for your wireless microphone setup, and/or a diagram on how the antennas and antenna distribution are connected.

Wireless Mic Remote Antennas Tool

Wireless Mic Remote Antennas Tool

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