Good content?<br />Only with great audio!

Good content?
Only with great audio!

How Paul Ripke creates content with Shure gear

Good Content Requires Good Sound

For Paul Ripke it’s clear – there can be no good content with bad sound. Which is why the photographer, filmmaker and podcaster relies on the audio expertise from Shure, no matter what he’s working on: “Shure products always deliver inspiring and engaging sound – enabling me to create amazing content anywhere and at any time!”

100% Audio Quality

Learn why Ripke places such importance on getting the sound just right for the diverse digital content he produces and how he has easily integrated Shure equipment into his workflows. He also explains the difference professional sound can make to content creators and why he chose to a partner with nearly a century of achieving audio excellence.

Top Quality with Flexibility

At least 50 percent of a video experience is the sound – and Shure is 100 percent audio! Our products combine quality and convenience to provide a seamless user experience and easy integration into your workflows. See how content guru and Instagram innovator Paul Ripke uses them to make amazing digital creations.