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Boy Willows is the next extraordinary artist to take over the stage with an exclusive performance of his track 'Quick Stop By' at Gold Diggers Studios in Los Angeles. Watch the full performance and explore behind the scenes with Make The World Your Stage.  



Unmatched in tone and clarity, this dynamic cardioid mic has a flat, wide-range frequency response that can be tailored to your preferences with easy presets built in. For extraordinary sound in any studio, it's got to be the SM7B. 

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This mic is uniquely designed to deal with high-pressure sound that explodes from instruments and amplifiers, so you can turn it up without worrying about distortion drowning out the show.

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This premium side-address condenser microphone delivers smooth, natural reproduction of sound and is perfect for capturing horns and vocals, as well as drums and string instruments.

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Designed to focus in on the sound you want, this dynamic mic shares the same DNA as the iconic SM7B in a much smaller, budget-friendly option. 

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Make The World Your Stage gives up-and-coming musicians the chance to share their music and their story with the world.
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