The Shure 2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Musicians, Music Lovers and Content Creators

The Shure 2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Musicians, Music Lovers and Content Creators

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The Shure 2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Musicians, Music Lovers and Content Creators

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Sound out a few sonic enhancements for your nearest and dearest musician, podcaster, streamer or gamer with the SHURE 2022 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE.

With podcasts, streaming and home recording having gone mainstream these days, it’s a safe bet you’ve got at least one content creator or musician in the family or your close circle of friends. Or maybe it’s just someone who near and dear loves listening to music or podcasts.

And who wouldn’t want some great new audio gear as a gift this year?

More yeast, Darren?

With the latest Holiday Deals from Shure in the house, here’s your green light to give the gift of sonic enhancement to those you care about (and who probably need it most).

Like your cousin Darren – couldn’t his YouTube baking channel do with a little more volume? The sourdough bread looks delish, but his audio sounds like it’s coming straight from the oven. Help him ditch that half-baked approach, and sort him out with a Shure MV7 Podcast Microphone that can plug straight into his computer with USB.

Remember, folks: when sound quality is poor, content comes across as less professional (even if it’s quality stuff) – in the words of Ron Burgundy, it’s science.

And while a rough aesthetic might be just fine for your older bro’s punk band Armpit, perhaps he could still do with a new SM58 or SM57 for his live shows – or even a legendary SM7B to handle their raw sound both in and out of the studio. Plus, the SM7B can even double as his main podcasting mic!

Or maybe your little sis is ready to lay down her fresh vocal tracks and needs a level-up with the KSM44A/SL. Tailor made for high-end, professional sounding tracking, this premium mic will be her best pal – after you that is, of course.

(You really are a saint for helping everybody out, btw).

And a great friend too – after a decade of heavy use, your buddy Marvin’s headset has finally given up the ghost. Deck him out with some new AONIC 50 wireless headphones – or better yet, a streamer bundle – and keep him dominating League of Legends like the beast he is.

High vibing Jackie.

And didn’t your bestie Jackie say something about boosting the intensity of her audio meditation sessions? The compact AONIC 40 wireless headphones are sure to keep her vibes high.

For even more great gift ideas, have a look at the SHURE 2022 HOLIDAY DEALS pages for MUSICIANS and CONTENT CREATORS now. Have a happy and safe holiday season from all of us at Shure!