Discover Why Your SM58 Grill Is Designed to Dent

Discover Why Your SM58 Grill Is Designed to Dent

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Discover Why Your SM58 Grill Is Designed to Dent

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When used on the road, mic grills will inevitably receive abuse. We look at how the Shure SM58 grill is designed to dent - protecting your microphone.

It's a fact of life. If you use your microphone on stage you will inevitably dent the grill at some point. This could be perceived as a bad thing, or, you could consider the grill as a means of protecting your beloved microphone inside. In the case of Shure's SM58, the latter should certainly be the case; and here's why:

SM58s with dented grills


Why Does the SM58 Grill Dent?

The primary purpose of a microphone grill is to protect the valuable cartridge inside. For this reason, Shure have very carefully designed the SM58 grill to absorb impact (much like crumple zones on a modern car). The microphone will continue to work despite being dropped, and aside from looking slightly unsightly, the grill has in fact done its job perfectly.

Replacement balls are fairly inexpensive, and in purchasing one, you'll not only restore the aesthetic look of your SM58, but you'll be helping to secure more years of service from your microphone. Another impressive design element to the SM58 ball grill is that it is designed to bend and crumple without producing any sharp edges that could pose a safety risk.

Shure Beta Series "Hardened Grill"

The Shure Beta series of microphones take this protective concept one step further by adding steel mesh grills for extra protection. Both the SM & Beta series will absorb an impressive amount of impact to ensure that the microphone still works, night after night.

Where Can I Get a Replacement Shure Microphone Grill?

You can easily order replacement grills from Authorized Shure Dealers. The grill simply unscrews allowing you to install a replacement within seconds. Should you have any questions about where to locate a new grill or how to install one, our Shure UK customer service team are available to help.