SM58 Technology: How the SM58 works

Shure Incorporated | December 31, 2017 SM58 Technology: How the SM58 works

SM58 Technology: How the SM58 works

View the role of each component in delivering the SM58’s reliable sound quality and combat-ready ruggedness.

Designed to dent upon impact, shock-absorbing grille protects the cartridge from damage.

Foam on top of the resonator cap serves as the second stage in pop filtering.

Calculated porting in capsule ensures a uniform cardioid polar pattern across the frequency range for maximum gain-before-feedback.

Pneumatic shock mount virtually eliminates stage vibration and handling noise.

Adhesive compound secures transformer and prevents moisture and temperature changes from entering the handle. It also creates an airtight chamber to enable proper shock mounting and low-end frequency response.

Primer and paint are chemically tested, then pulled with tape to ensure proper adhesion.

SM58 frequency response

Check out how the SM58’s carefully crafted frequency response delivers the warmth and clarity you want in a vocal mic and rejects the audio clutter you don’t.

Every SM58 Shure manufactures must pass a frequency response test to ensure the consistency that vocalists and engineers rely on night after night.

  • Low-cut roll off reduces handling noise, wind noise and plosives.
  • Smooth mid-range adds warmth and depth to the vocal range.
  • Presence peak increases intelligibility for speech and enables vocals to cut through the mix of amplified instruments.
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