Slash Uses Shure KSM313 Ribbon Microphone

Slash Uses Shure KSM313 Ribbon Microphone

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Slash Uses Shure KSM313 Ribbon Microphone

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Shure recently released the KSM313 ribbon mic. Now, this unique microphone is being used on stage with Slash.

In the not too distant past Shure released two ribbon microphones in the form of the KSM313 and the KSM353. These are unique ribbon microphones in that they can be used in the studio AND on stage. Gone are the days of having to carry around your ribbon microphone in a silk pillowcase!

KSM313 on stage with Slash

The KSM313 is particularly unique in that it is dual voice, allowing the user to record or perform vocals on one side of the microphone and instruments on the other.

Martin Walker, Production Manager & FOH Sound for Slash had the following to say:

The KSM313 gives a much fatter, warmer, rounder and rich sound. I have just 2 of them, one on Slash's dirty sound, and one on his clean. I found I got a great sound with them with very little effort or EQ'ing - for example, previously on Judas Priest, to achieve that huge guitar sound I needed to use 3 Shure mics on each guitar, usually an SM57, a KSM27 and a KSM32, but with slash I used just the 313...

Kevin " Tater"  McCarthy, Monitor Engineer, has used Shure KSM 313 ribbon mics  on guitars for Slash and Judas Priest, and told us:

My old saying is when everything else fails put an SM57 on it. This has not happened yet. First off, when thinking of a ribbon microphone, you think of a fragile studio microphone. Shure has made these Ribbons to withstand the harsh conditions of the road. We gave these mics no special treatment when it came to handling. We put them in the same case all the rest of the microphones go in. These KSM 313's are tough. The bi directional characteristics of ribbons are also something live engineers might be wary of. The loud stage I have used the KSM 313's on this has not been a problem.

Once we got the placements correct with just minimal testing, the microphones just came alive. Please note we were working with Slash's already perfect and classic sounding guitar tone. The Ribbons just sounded so natural with great fullness and transparency. I usually double up my guitar channels, one for ears and one for wedges. I did not have to do this. With no EQ  and just a little high pass filter I was just amazed.