Shure24: Pushing Audio Culture Forward

Shure24: Pushing Audio Culture Forward

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Shure24: Pushing Audio Culture Forward

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Shure asked SANTIGOLD, JAMES LAVELLE, HOLLY HERNDON and YURI SUZUKI to pick 24 audio innovators you should know. Meet the SHURE24.

Shure has partnered with the streaming service Mixcloud to create a new platform highlighting those creators pushing the limits of contemporary audio culture. Meet the Shure24.

The inaugural list – comprised of trailblazers in music, art, journalism and more – has been curated by four global leaders known for redefining the world of sound:

Santigold, an artist famous for breaking down the musical boundaries between pop and the underground. 

James Lavelle, the UK trip-hop icon and founder of the Mo' Wax label known for his collaborations as UNKLE.

Holly Herndon, the critically acclaimed Berlin-based composer exploring artificial intelligence and music.

Yuri Suzuki, the Japanese sound artist and designer probing audio's psychological effects with his installations.

"Shure24 is a cool project shining some light on some up-and-coming artists," said Santigold. "I know how great it feels when other artists appreciate your work and what powerful encouragement that can be."

All 24 nominees are eligible for an Audience Choice Award. Starting now, the public is encouraged to support and vote for their fan favorites. The top four individuals with the most votes will receive a mentoring session with one of the curators. 

Check out the Shure24 and listen to podcasts with the four curators now at: