Shure 2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Content Creators and Musicians

Shure 2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Content Creators and Musicians

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Shure 2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Content Creators and Musicians

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Give the gift of good audio this year with great choices for content creators, musicians and more from the SHURE 2021 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE.

It’s shaping up to be a very creative holiday season, with an estimated four out of ten people making some sort of content these days.

So get the podcasters, YouTubers, Twitch streamers, TikTokers and music makers in your life the gear they really want and need. Find special Shure Holiday Deals to help them sound like a pro right here.

Remember the last time you listened to Uncle Bob’s fishing podcast? It would have actually been rather entertaining – if it hadn’t been for the poor audio quality. But you don’t have to hurt Uncle Bob’s feelings. Just get him a new mic!

Shure has a deal for the legendary SM7B, the podcaster’s microphone of choice. But let’s be realistic. Bob is interested in fishing lures – not audio interfaces. He needs something he can just plug into his computer and hit record. Why not get him the MV7 with USB compatibility?

Not your Uncle Bob.

Or how about your buddy Anil? If you’re not hanging out in real life, he’s probably on Twitch playing Fortnite. What about going in halfsies with another friend to get him a streamer bundle

Don’t forget Fran. How many great tips have you picked up from her pop culture vlog? She was the first person you remember mentioning Squid Game! But her YouTube channel could benefit from an audio upgrade. The compact MV5C condenser mic would certainly do the trick. Plus, she can use it for her Zoom conferences for work, too.

And Pia is starting to get serious with her music, of course. What she needs a mic that can be used to record vocals, guitar and keyboards straight to a phone or laptop. Check out the new MV88+ Stereo USB mic – it has all her at-home recording needs covered, so she can spend more time focused on her music!

For even more great gift ideas, have a look at the SHURE HOLIDAY DEALS page now. Have a happy and safe holiday season from all of us at Shure!