Maximizing Wireless: ShurePlus™ Channels

Maximizing Wireless: ShurePlus™ Channels

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Maximizing Wireless: ShurePlus™ Channels

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Shure has added full UHF-R® support to its RF monitoring and control app for iOS devices. Sam Drazin explains why you really need this free app.

Thanks to the ongoing evolution of wireless technology, managing Shure wireless systems is easier than ever for audio professionals and wireless operators. I'm writing to make certain you're aware of our ShurePlus™ Channels app, which now supports the ubiquitous UHF-R® system. If you use Shure wireless and network your systems even occasionally, this free iOS app can make doing so much easier.

Networking is one of the big trends in pro audio. More and more audio systems, both on tour and in permanent installations, are built as networks, expanding system functionality and increasing operational efficiency. In the world of wireless microphones and in-ear monitors, where high channel counts and scarce frequency spectrum present huge challenges, Ethernet connectivity can bring the benefit of unified, comprehensive system management to the user.

To make this information easily accessible to users and integrators, Shure has invested heavily in app development, most notably ShurePlus Channels, our free wireless utility for iOS devices.

ShurePlus Channels brings critical system data from networked Shure wireless channels into a unified environment via Wi-Fi. That means that you can now view the key elements of your wireless operation on any iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch running iOS8 or later, as long as you have a wireless router connected to your wireless audio systems.

ShurePlus Channels on iPhone and iPad

How The App Works

Setting up ShurePlus Channels is a breeze. Connect a wireless router to your network of Shure devices, and make sure it broadcasts a Wi-Fi network. Next, connect your iOS device to that Wi-Fi network, and launch the app. ShurePlus Channels automatically discovers and connects to supported Shure wireless systems, providing live monitoring and organization via sortable channel lists. This allows the user to view parameters like audio and RF level metering, battery level, and frequency, as well as alerts like RF interference and low battery.

Users of Shure Wireless Workbench® software are familiar with this monitoring ability. The advantages of ShurePlus Channels include its streamlined user interface and its ability to connect wirelessly with iOS mobile devices. This allows the system installer or engineer to know what's happening on the wireless network from anywhere in the room, with no need to be in front of an equipment rack or laptop.

Unlocking Additional Functionality

Even better, you can expand the app's capabilities beyond mere monitoring and add actual control of the networked wireless channels, unlocked with a one-time $9.99 in-app purchase per Shure system type. That means functions like muting, output/input level, RF output power, frequency assignment, and more can be changed wirelessly on your iOS mobile device. This includes access to the advanced features of higher-tier systems like ULX-D® and Axient®, such as frequency diversity and encryption status. Further, with ShowLink® connectivity, ShurePlus Channels provides the ability to directly control Axient transmitter parameters, such as RF mute and transmitter gain, all from your iOS device.

Final Thoughts

There's too much detail to go into in this post, so let me just say this: now that the immensely popular UHF-R system is supported, ShurePlus Channels should be on the iOS device of every sound engineer, system designer, integrator, and networked wireless end user.

Even the free version of ShurePlus Channels allows you to discover and monitor all devices and parameters for Shure networked systems. In addition to new support for UHF-R, the app works with Axient, ULX-D, QLX-D™, and PSM®1000 wireless systems. This new version (v1.2) of ShurePlus Channels is the eighth free update in the app's first 18 months in the App Store, which clearly demonstrates Shure's commitment to adding value to our products through software.

Visit the ShurePlus Channels page in the iTunes Store for full details: all the systems, all their functions, and all the languages this app supports. Then jump ahead of the crowd and download ShurePlus Channels. You won't regret it.