Make The World Your Stage: Robeat with 'Decisions'

Ione Asher | May 21, 2021 Make The World Your Stage: Robeat with 'Decisions'

MAKE THE WORLD YOUR STAGE brings musicians to unique locations to record exclusive live performances. Beatboxer ROBEAT steps up next to perform his track ‘Decisions’ and give an exclusive interview in the Garage 229 in Stuttgart.

Robeat is a beatboxer, musician, entertainer and producer from Germany. As a "human beatbox" - equipped with just a microphone and his voice - he demonstrates the art of oral acrobatics, taking inspiration from all around the world to master his talent. Watch the exclusive performance of his track ‘Decisions’ recorded live at Garage 229 in Stuttgart. Click play below to watch now. 

We sat down for an exclusive interview with Robeat, who explains the meaning behind his track ‘Decisions’ and how his passion for beatboxing was inspired by the comedic style of Mr. Bean. He also discusses learning to play piano as a boy and some key advice he received from a drummer. Watch the full interview and learn more about the man behind the mic:

Instagram: @darobeat
Robeat on YouTube

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Ione Asher

Ione Asher

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