Make The World Your Stage: RAHH with 'Okay'

Ione Asher | July 20, 2021 Make The World Your Stage: RAHH with 'Okay'

MAKE THE WORLD YOUR STAGE brings musicians to unique locations to record exclusive live performances. Holly Quin-Ankrah, a.k.a. RAHH, is up next with her remarkable song ‘Okay’ from the KYOTO Chapel in Essex, England.

Born into a family of musicians in Manchester, RAHH takes inspiration from ordinary people to create soulful songs with lyrics that resonate along a familiar 90s vibe. Watch her performance of now: 

Next, in a special interview, we learn more about her journey from being a backing singer to now taking center stage with her own music, and how she is trying to make an impact supporting other women in the industry. Watch the video here:

Shure Audio Engineer, Jack Drury, goes Behind The Mic to talk you through the microphones we used to capture the extraordinary performance of ‘Okay’. With an acoustic piano, two vocalists and cello in the mix, we were able to showcase our KSM range to ensure we captured the power of this performance. Watch the video now:

RAHH is one of the UK's most promising emerging artists at the moment and has recently worked with big names such as Nile Rodgers, Beverley Knight and Liam Gallagher. Her debut EP is due to be released later this year and we cannot wait!


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Ione Asher

Ione Asher

Ione is part of the UK marketing team for Musician & Consumer Audio. Her job allows her to combine her passions for both music and social media. When she’s not working, Ione is most likely at a gig or at home showing off her expert Guitar Hero playing skills.