June Webinar: Shure Wireless Workbench

June Webinar: Shure Wireless Workbench

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June Webinar: Shure Wireless Workbench

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In a world where more and more sound systems operate within sophisticated networks, software to control these systems is critical.  Join us as we discuss Shure's answer to this growing application: Wireless Workbench®.

Shure Wireless Workbench: What it is and how to use it.
Webinar Description

Wireless Workbench (WWB) is a powerful networking tool that helps users of wireless microphones and IEM systems with everything from pre-show planning to live performance monitoring. Join Gino Sigismondi, Sam Drazin, and me as we discuss how WWB can control and monitor Shure networked wireless hardware. We will explore the system's ability to coordinate your RF environment, even with frequency coordination for many non-Shure wireless systems. You will also get a look at the updates available in our newest version, WWB 6.10, as well as a peek at our new iOS application, ShurePlus Channels.

Shure Wireless Workbench Frequency Coordinator Displayed on a Computer

This event has already occurred. You can view the archived webinar below:

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