How to Be a Bigger Streamer with Loserfruit

Shure Incorporated | October 5, 2021 How to Be a Bigger Streamer with Loserfruit

Whether it’s your passion, a side hustle or just for fun, take your livestreaming to the next level with this video chock full of great tips from our friend LOSERFRUIT.

Join Australian Twitch streamer and YouTube star Kathleen Belsten, aka Loserfruit, as she delves into growing your audience, focusing on your content and the importance of good audio.

With millions of followers across several platforms, the Fortnite specialist, vlogger and internet personality has become one of the biggest streamers in the world.

“I guarantee if you plan something kinda cool, something different for your stream, people will enjoy the little extra effort,” she suggests in the video.

Be sure to check out the MV7 in action on Loserfruit's Twitch and YouTube channels.

Shure Incorporated

Shure Incorporated

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