How to Add Personality to Your Voice

Paul Crognale | October 22, 2015 How to Add Personality to Your Voice

All singers have artists they look up to and are influenced by. However, in the extremely competitive world of music the best way to stand out is to create your own style – and this can apply to guitar playing, production, drumming, or as we are going to go through today, your voice.

In this post and the accompanying video, we'll cover a few things for you to consider when you are rehearsing.

Cries / Flips

This technique can be used to bring a performance to life. It is used a lot by Country musicians, and if used in moderation can really add some expression or emotion at the crucial point in the song or phrase.


There are lots of types of inflections, but the most common type is the one that is used at the end of a phrase. Once again, providing the technique is used in moderation, it can add some style and personality to a performance and help you to stand out.

Aspirate or 'Breathy' Sound

This is a nice technique for softening out verses and choruses that you might want to make a little more sensitive or fragile.

Spoken Fall-Offs

This technique is used to devastating effect in the song 'Take me to the Church' by Hozier, adding plenty of character and expression to the vocal performance.

In the following video, Jono McNeil gives examples of all of the above techniques with popular songs, including the aforementioned Hozier. Each one of these techniques has a different purpose, but they all serve to add expression and unique style to your songs.

Go ahead, try it yourself and add your own style and personality to your singing!

Keep an eye on the Shure Vocal Mastery YouTube channel for more videos aimed specifically at vocalists. Should you wish to record your vocals, then check out our blog post on tips for vocal recording.

Paul Crognale

Paul Crognale

Paul works in Global Marketing for Musician & Consumer Audio from the Shure London office. In his spare time, he is an avid collector of vinyl and runs a couple of record labels. He also has a 'peach' or potentially 'pink' colored bike – a source of much amusement to his colleagues.