March Webinar: Best Practices for Wireless Antenna Setup

March Webinar: Best Practices for Wireless Antenna Setup

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March Webinar: Best Practices for Wireless Antenna Setup

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Our next webinar on March 23 is all about proper antenna set-up.

You've bought the best wireless system money can buy. You've spent hours setting up your sound system. You've run the scans and made sure you're on the clearest channel available for your region. Showtime arrives, yet despite all that money and time, the audio cuts in and out constantly. Did you buy a shoddy or defective system?

Chances are, the bulk of your RF problems are due to one small component: the antenna. The way you set up your antennas can make or break the wireless performance of even the most state-of-the-art systems.

Best Practices for Wireless Antenna Set Up

One of the key factors in successful wireless microphone operation is proper setup of the antenna system. Selecting the right antennas and placing them properly helps ensure good reception of the radio signal from the desired transmitters, as well as minimize the effects of outside interference. In this 60-minute webinar, Gino Sigismondi and Principal Engineer Dr. Mark Kenkel from Shure will discuss best practices for antenna selection and placement to help users achieve optimum performance from their wireless systems. Others topics to be covered include proper antenna distribution and antenna combining for multi-room applications.