Creativity Unleashed: Going Behind the Music with Raphi

Ione Asher | March 9, 2021 Creativity Unleashed: Going Behind the Music with Raphi

UK singer-songwriter RAPHI breaks down an exclusive performance of her track "Unleashed" to explain how she approached writing the song and offers some tips for recording at home.

Watch the full performance below:

Recorded at home with Raphi's trusty PG42 microphone and just a few other pieces of equipment, she proves that you can create extraordinary music with a minimalist rig. 

Raphi has been keeping busy as ever writing and recording music throughout the past 12 months. She has spent some time during lockdown teaching herself how to produce her own songs and finding some time away from touring to collaborate with other artists. We caught up with her to share a behind-the-scenes look at her creative process and songwriting craft. 

Watch the video below to see how she made 'Unleashed' and to gain some inspiration for your own writing and recording at home: 

Learn more about the condenser microphone Raphi uses and discover three key tips for recording at home.

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Ione Asher

Ione Asher

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