Artist Relations: More Than Partying On The Tour Bus

Artist Relations: More Than Partying On The Tour Bus

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Artist Relations: More Than Partying On The Tour Bus

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Nelson Arreguín dishes on the difference between what people think the Shure Artist Relations team does and what they really do every day (and night).

When people ask me what I do, and I reply, "Artist Relations for Shure," I often get amazed looks followed by questions about whether I have worked with their favorite artist. When I reply that if I haven't, then a colleague probably has, I am usually told how lucky I am to get to go to all these concerts, award shows, and music festivals and party with rock stars for a living. While there's some truth to that version of what I do, I would say "partying" is a stretch. They're right that I am very lucky to work for an industry leader in the audio world. It allows me a level of access that most music fans don't have. But it's my job. It's a job I feel blessed to have, and one that I take extremely seriously.

Outsiders who see what the Shure Artist Relations team does typically only see the fun part. Being on the list at concerts, attending awards shows, interacting with artists and their management, posing for pictures, conducting interviews with artists, getting cool mentions on social media. What they don't see are the late nights, the waiting, the conversations, the emails, the phone calls at all hours, and all the back-and-forth negotiations with artists managers, and lawyers just to close an endorsement deal. Then, once an artist is on board, and the gear is delivered, it takes a lot of follow-up and customer service to make sure the artist and their camp feel fully supported, all while making sure we are contributing internally to our marketing needs.

[caption id="attachment_26750" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] Nelson with Calle 13 at The Metro in Chicago Nelson with Calle 13 at The Metro in Chicago[/caption]

Now, I don't want this post to sound like a complaint letter. My job is fun, challenging and rewarding. It's everything I could ask for as a music lover, especially when one of the artists I took a chance on gets their first GRAMMY® nomination, and even better, when they win for the first time.

I remember being in Las Vegas at the 2011 Latin GRAMMYs when our endorsers Calle 13 won nine out of the 10 awards they were nominated for. They invited me to celebrate with them in their suite after the show. It was an incredible night and an experience that I will never forget. But the partying wasn't the most memorable thing for me. The most memorable thing about that night was when they thanked me personally and said I was part of their team, and that they couldn't have done it without Shure. That's just one of the many cool memories I have from doing this gig. I'm pretty sure my colleagues Cory, Ryan, and Brooke have their fair share of great stories as well.

So yes, I have a cool job. I do get to hang with rock stars on occasion. But that stuff only happens because the Artist Relations team takes seriously the quality of Shure products and the responsibility of making Shure the most trusted audio brand in the world.