November 5, 2019 Q & A Update-
New MXA910 Ceiling Array Microphone Variant available for Pre-Order

A new version of Shure’s MXA910 Ceiling Array Microphone with IntelliMix for 24” ceiling grid installations in the United States is now available for pre-order, with delivery expected in December 2019.

The MXA910W-A provides a quick, simple solution for installation in 24x24 inch ceiling grids in the U.S. and includes the same technology and performance as all prior versions.

For more information or to place a pre-order for this new variant, please click here.

Shure specifically designed the new MXA910W-A to provide a drop-ceiling mounting configuration that fully complies with the Court’s rulings in the ongoing litigation in U.S. District Court of Northern Illinois.  The MXA910W-A compliments the other available MXA910 mounting configurations in the U.S.  

For additional information on the impact of the ongoing litigation between ClearOne and Shure on the MXA910W-A and other MXA products, please refer to the following Q&A and use this link to access our previous Q&A posted on August 23rd.

What MXA910 products are available and in what markets?

To reinforce Shure’s presence with MXA910, availability of the product in global regions is outlined below:

  • U.S./Canada/Mexico/Latin America – Continued availability of MXA910 60cm version for use in pole mount, cable suspension mount, and hard ceiling mount configurations. Late 2019/Early 2020 availability of new MXA910W-A version for 24x24-inch drop ceiling grid mounting.
  • Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia & New Zealand -- MXA910 continues to be marketed, sold and installed without restrictions in all configurations. This new MXA910W-A version is not necessary for these regions.


Which mounting options continue to be available within the U.S.?

With the introduction of the new MXA910W-A Ceiling Array variation, all mounting options, including 24” drop ceiling grid installations, are now available to the United States market. 


Which mounting options continue to be available outside the United States?

Outside of the Americas, the MXA910 will continue to be available in all product variations and can be installed in all mounting configurations without restrictions.


How does Shure know the new MXA910 variant is not subject to the Court’s preliminary injunction?

The Court ruled on November 3, 2019, that the new MXA910W-A is not included under the preliminary injunction.


Can ClearOne take any legal actions that can affect the availability of the new variant?

We developed the MXA910W-A product specifically for use in drop ceiling mounting applications in the U.S. that we are confident complies with the Court’s rulings. However, Clear One may challenge our new product in Court, and we wouldn’t be surprised if they take this course of action as it is consistent with their litigious track record.

Despite any such attempts to use the legal process to interfere with our ability to provide certain mounting options to customers, we will always provide support to help them with installations that abide by all Court rulings.


Is Shure prohibited from selling original MXA910 Ceiling Array Microphones products?

No. The Court’s preliminary injunction order does not affect mounting of the MXA910 in VESA pole mount, cable suspension mount, and hard ceiling mount configurations.  For such installation, Shure is offering the 60 cm model of its MXA910 for sale from or delivery into the United States. This model is fully certified and has traditionally been offered in European and Asian markets.

This slightly smaller version is approved to be used with hard ceilings, or suspended from a VESA pole or suspension wiring, but is not approved for use in a flush-mounted drop ceiling configuration in the United States, and is also not safe for such installation using larger North American ceiling grids.

For drop ceiling mounting configurations, the new MXA910W-A model reflects an updated design for installation in the United States with a 24” grid configuration, and is expected to be available by the end of 2019.  For pre-order information on this new variation, click here. 


With the launch of the MXA910W-A, are you planning to phase out your original MXA910 product?

No. While Shure disagrees with the Court’s decision to grant the preliminary injunction, the Court’s Order has a limited scope and does not affect most uses of the MXA910. Thus, Shure will continue supplying MXA910 products for VESA pole mount, cable suspension mount, and hard ceiling mount configurations.  Additionally, Shure continues to believe its products do not infringe ClearOne’s patent, and we are confident the patent is invalid. We look forward to presenting our case to a jury.


What happens next?

We continue to believe that the ‘806 patent is invalid and that we do not infringe on the ‘806 patent and we look forward to presenting the merits of our case to a jury.

In the meantime, Shure is committed to supporting our valued customers in the United States who are affected by this preliminary injunction. Shure will also continue to support previously installed MXA910 products regardless of mounting configuration, as expressly permitted by the Court.


What is your message to customers impacted by this?

Our priority remains serving our customers with an uninterrupted supply of the best-in-class products they have come to expect from us.

The MXA910 was launched by Shure in 2016 and has since been installed in tens of thousands of customers’ premises in enterprises, educational and healthcare institutions. We will continue to innovate and develop on this platform and are committed to bringing new versions with new features to the market.

The Shure brand has become synonymous with high-quality reliable audio products throughout the world. We have long been at the forefront of innovation, obtaining well over 100 U.S. patents, and have had many industry firsts over the years, including our award-winning MXA910.

We will not allow ClearOne’s litigiousness to curtail our innovation or service. We are confident that we don’t infringe ClearOne’s patents and that its patents at issue in the litigation are invalid, which we intend to prove to a jury by the end of this process. This litigation is not only about protecting Shure, but also our customers and our innovative products.


I have other questions that are not answered here. Who do I contact?

Shure will provide the highest level of support, guidance, and needed resources to address any inquiries or concerns from our customers. Please submit any questions not addressed above by completing the form below.

Alternatively, please don't hesitate to contact your Shure representative for support.