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GLX-D+ Wireless First Look with MPNG and Martina Blazeska

Find out what the new Shure GLX-D+ Dual Band Wireless can do for vocalists and guitarists when MPNG and MARTINA BLAZESKA put the new system to the test.
March, 01 2023 |
Martina Blazeska playing guitar

The GLX-D+ system marks a huge step forward for musicians looking to get the freedom of wireless in a powerful yet portable package. We asked two artists to test drive it for a few weeks before its official launch and then spoke to them about their experiences.

Listen to their first impressions of this brand-new Shure wireless system now:

Samuel Mpungu, whose project goes by the moniker MPNG, is a bassist and singer based in Berlin, Germany. Having gone on a world tour with nu-metal legends Limp Bizkit, he’s no wireless novice. Bringing together hard rock, German pop and instrumentals on his second solo album, he tried out the GLX-D16+ Digital Guitar Pedal (or bass in his case!) for us.

Sam Mpungu aka MPNG testing the GLX-D16+ (Bass) Guitar Pedal.

“I think this wireless system is perfect for home to practice, but also club gigs and everything,” says Sam in the interview. “If you don’t have your own technician, and have to set up everything yourself – that’s the perfect system.”

Martina Blazeska is a guitarist and vocalist originally from Macedonia, who studied at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston. She’s since relocated back to Europe to release her own brand of guitar-inflected pop. A relative newcomer to the world of wireless, Martina ran her guitar through a GLX-D16+ pedal, and she also sang with a wireless SM58 using the tabletop version of GLX-D+ Dual Band.


“I literally just needed to press two buttons and everything was sorted for me,” explains Martina about how GLX-D+ automatically finds the best frequencies. “It’s very easy, very straightforward.”

Now offering double the previous bandwidth, GLX-D+ comes in tabletop, rackmount and guitar/bass pedal receiver options, as well as several microphone selections. All variations combine rock-solid wireless performance with an extremely easy-to-use setup. Learn more about GLX-D+ Dual Band Wireless here.


Check out more from MPNG and Martina Blazeska below.

Interview recorded with the legendary SM7B microphone.

Photos: Viktoria Byt

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