Shure SLX-D Powers Streaming and Video-Conferencing Hub for AHK in the Heart of Milan

Shure SLX-D Powers Streaming and Video-Conferencing Hub for AHK in the Heart of Milan

Customer Profile

AHK - German Chambers of Commerce Abroad - is a network of German foreign trade promotion institutions that support and represent German companies worldwide. The AHK currently operates in 90 countries and 130 locations.

The Italian-German Chamber of Commerce is headquartered in the heart of Milan’s business area, which means network connection is at optimum performance - but also a crowded RF environment.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent travel restrictions, employees of AHK needed to adopt a virtual solution where they could collaborate easily and effectively between the German and Italian offices. The decision was made to redesign and upgrade a 12 square meter small meeting room into a streaming and video conference hub. This room would have to be compatible with the main soft codecs such as Zoom and Teams, as well as streaming channels such as YouTube.

An audio system was required that would be user-friendly, of professional quality, reliable and flexible. Whether to run a video conference or a live stream, or to host a virtual event with several guests, the room would be used by everyone without any technical support. 

Another requirement from AHK was the audio system to work with lavalier mics as they usually conduct their interviews this way. Taking advantage of close-miking techniques give AHK direct and precise pick-up of the speakers’ voice, with little to no room sound.


Italian-based system integrator Tecnosound Install Solutions provided a mix of cutting-edge technologies to realize the needs and requirements of the team at AHK. Shure SLX-D Digital Wireless System was identified as the right solution for the project due to its superior RF reliability and cost-effectiveness against performance. The intuitive, flexible nature of the system also means that it can be deployed easily and effectively for events hosted in other areas of the AHK headquarters. 


Employees of AHK are now able to connect and collaborate within the new video conferencing space thanks to the reliability and superb performance of the SLX-D Digital Wireless System.

“The Italian-German Chamber of Commerce now benefits from a professional audio-video streaming hub, which allows it to carry out numerous cross-national appointments in any context,” said Sonny Laurano, Sales Manager, Install Division Tecnosound. “As a result, we are satisfied with the system that combines quality and ease of use.”  they concluded.

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Gear List

Model Number Quantity Description
SLXD14/85 2 Featuring the WL185 Cardioid Lavalier Microphone and the SLXD1 transmitter, the SLXD14/85 provides transparent digital audio and rock-solid RF stability for lecture halls and live performances.