Shure QLX-D and Microflex Complete Digital Conferencing System Upgrades the El Beatriz Madrid Auditorium

Shure QLX-D and Microflex Complete Digital Conferencing System Upgrades the El Beatriz Madrid Auditorium

Customer Profile

Located at the heart of Madrid, El Beatriz is a unique building that delivers style, sophistication and exclusivity within some of Spain’s finest architecture. With innovation at its core, the building is the first in the country to offer office space with multiple tenants framed in the ‘Exceptional’ category through the international BREEAM Certification and ‘Building in Use’ scheme.

One of the most outstanding spaces in the building, the El Beatriz Madrid Auditorium offers over 300 m2 of space and 192 seats for clients looking to run professional events and enjoy the highest levels of comfort and technology.


The conference system needed to allow 192 attendees to speak and participate during the events held at the large auditorium. Channel selectors for floor and language distribution were needed throughout. Wireless microphones should allow on-stage meeting participation. In addition, the equipment had to be integrated into the furniture and work in perfect harmony with the existing architecture.

Spanish AV specialists Telesonic and Shure Distribution Partner EarPro chose Shure  Microflex® Complete Digital Conference System (MXC) and QLX-D wireless to offer the best solution possible and fulfil all requirements due to its customization properties and durability.


The solution consisted of a Microflex Complete DIS-CUU central unit with FL6000 license, 5 x MXC615 Conference units, 96 x HM 4042 Hand Mics (one between two) and a CS 6340 FV Channel Selector at every seat. Two MXCIC interpretation desks were housed in translation booths. This MXC system enables up to 250 participants to be served simultaneously in 4 languages. The interpreter console meets all the recommendations of ISO 20109 and provides a complete interpretation service.  

Stage participants use 8 channels of QLX-D Wireless; four handhelds with Beta 58A capsules and four bodypacks with cardioid WL185 lapel mics Eight QLXD4 receivers are rack-mounted at the back of the auditorium. Two UA844+SWB distributors provide RF to them from the installed UA874WB antennas. QLX-D combines quality with scalability due to its wide bandwidth from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, together with 24-bit / 48 kHz digital audio. In addition, its wide dynamic range of more than 120 dB offers an excellent signal-to-noise ratio.  

“One aspect of the installation that was positively valued was the audio quality in the capsules. Especially the MCX615 presentation equipment and the R185 Microflex series are widely known among sound technicians,” said Diego Navarro, Install Key Account Manager, Earpro. “It is also worth highlighting the connection structure using FTP cabling and the aluminium termination of the equipment. These allow guaranteeing the durability of the system, considering that it is a very crowded space visited by different user profiles.”, he adds.



With the successful choice of equipment, El Beatriz now offers a high-quality conferencing system that aligns perfectly with the aesthetics of its surroundings in the heart of Madrid.

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Gear List

Model Number Quantity Description
MXC615 MXC615 5 Portable Conference Unit for use by chairman or delegates, with intuitive controls and clear audio for efficient and productive meetings.
MXCIC MXCIC 2 Professional interpreter console with 3 outgoing language channels, 8 relay channels, and color display. ISO 20109-compliant.
QLXD4 QLXD4 8 Half-rack QLXD4 Digital Wireless Receiver quickly finds open frequencies and deploys them to transmitters via the one-touch sync function.
UA844SWB UA844SWB 2 Discontinued
UA874 UA874 Active directional UHF and VHF antenna delivers improved wireless signal reception with integrated amplification.
QLXD1 QLXD1 QLXD1 Wireless Bodypack Transmitter quickly syncs with a wireless receiver over IR at the push of a button and maintains a clear, uninterrupted signal over its entire range.
QLXD2/B58A QLXD2/B58A Includes a Beta 58A and QLXD2 Handheld Transmitter for wireless vocals in music venues and houses of worship.