Customer Profile

The Belle Salle Roppongi Conference Center opened its doors as a for-hire conference venue in August 2016. Situated in the Roppongi area, a prime location in central Tokyo which is also base for many multinational companies, the Center offers luxurious facilities and highest spec equipment for seminars, lectures, exhibitions, and conferences. The venue is comprised of nine conference rooms, A to H. Moveable partitions allow to create a total of up to 22 different room configurations, catering for any size event.

Summary of Equipment Used

5 units each of Microflex Wireless Access Point Transceivers, Charging Stations and Audio Network Interfaces, with a total of 20 Channels of Microflex Wireless Handheld and Bodypack Transmitters.

Client Needs

The Conference Center required a wireless solution that could operate 20 channels, license-free, on the same floor and also support flexible room setups. Sound quality, design, and particularly system stability where important considerations. As a for-hire venue, Belle Salle also had to ensure security for clients who are concerned about confidentiality.


Sanken Systems, who handled the AV installation, recommended the Shure Microflex Wireless System.
Microflex Wireless makes use of the 1.9GHz band (DECT band) and does not require a license. The system uses Automated Frequency Coordination to automatically scan and assign available frequencies for all wireless transmitters. Even though it overlaps with the PHS frequency band, which is commonly used for cordless phones in Japan and therefore creates the possibility of interference, Microflex Wireless is able to actively avoid PHS interference through PHS Detection and Exclusion functionality.

The system also quickly adapts to the changing room layouts thanks to the easy linking functionality on the Networked Charging Stations. When microphones get moved between rooms, they can simply be paired to the new, local Access Point by docking into the Charging Station and pressing the “Link” button.

With the adoption of AES-256 encryption technology, there is also no need to worry about confidentiality.


Mr. Toshiharu Kasai, Facility Operations Manager at Belle Salle says, “Up to this point, we had experience with Shure's wired microphones, like the SM58, but this was the first time we used one of their wireless systems. From the moment it was installed, Microflex Wireless worked perfectly. The system provides exceptional performance both in terms of sound quality and functionality.”

Mr. Kawaguchi of system integrator Sanken Systems adds, “Even after the system was delivered, Shure staff visited the site to provide on-site adjustments and offered additional recommendations to improve stability, resulting in a system with reliably great sound and security and, I felt, further enhanced customer trust.”

Gear List

Model Number Quantity Description
Microflex® Wireless Choose Microflex® Wireless table microphones for flexible setup and confident communication, ensuring every voice will always be heard.