Innovation app development consultancy GreenTomato enters a new phase in journey together with Shure

Innovation app development consultancy GreenTomato enters a new phase in journey together with Shure

Customer Profile

Established in 2003, GreenTomato is a Hong Kong-based innovation consultancy specializing in provision of mobile enterprise solutions and mobile app development. Since its start-up days, the award-winning company has grown to a family of more than 500 talents located throughout Hong Kong, Tokyo and Guangzhou. GreenTomato has developed over 500 mobile apps and related web services, and has established over 300 long-term partnerships with international businesses such as Apple Inc, AIA, Prudential, HSBC, Bank of China HK, and BMW.


With the continuous expansion of its business, GreenTomato's workforce is also growing rapidly. The original office has become crowded, so the company decided to expand the office area. Alongside this office revamp, the CEO also wanted to upgrade the company’s overall infrastructure to help employees better collaborate and communicate. Balancing convenient remote collaboration, environmental hygiene and safety, and multi-purpose room usage were the key issues to be addressed.

The team often conducts virtual meetings with customers and colleagues in other locations and required a solution that supports both Zoom and Google Meet. Due to prevailing hygiene and environmental safety concerns, the audio setup should also limit physical interaction with shared devices. Moreover, the company’s main conference room also serves as a training space. Reconfiguring microphones for each occasion was considered impractical for the staff.


After consultation with Shure’s Application Engineers, GreenTomato chose to deploy the Microflex® Advance™ MXA910 Ceiling Array Microphone and Microflex® Wireless system in its shared conference & training room, while an SLX-D Digital Wireless System was implemented for speeches and events in the common area.


As a cutting-edge technology company, GreenTomato is now also at the forefront in terms of modern workspace and collaboration solutions.

The Zoom-certified MXA910 efficiently supports the company’s preferred virtual conference platform. Out of reach, installed in the ceiling and with Steerable Coverage™ and Autofocus™ technology onboard, the Ceiling Array Microphone also ensures consistent sound capture throughout the space, so talkers don’t have to worry about positioning, interacting, or actively speaking into the microphone.

For training purpose, the MXA910 has also been configured to support voice lift, while the MXW system provides additional handheld microphones for local sound reinforcement. The flexibility of the MXW platform also gives GreenTomato the option to further expand their equipment with additional transmitters and form factors in future, if needed.

The reliable quality of Shure products and professional, timely, and patient feedback from Shure’s engineering team are important reasons for us to choose them. I am very happy to have the support of Shure as our company enters a new phase in our journey.

Sunny Kok, Founder and CEO, GreenTomato

Shure’s products are perfectly compatible with our company’s meeting platform. At the same time, Shure’s technicians have also provided perfect solutions for the complex acoustic environment of our meeting rooms. We had a very happy cooperation.

Duncan Liu, Project Specialist, GreenTomato

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Gear List

Model Number Quantity Description
SLXD24/SM58 4 Featuring the legendary SM58® Cardioid Dynamic Microphone capsule on top of the SLXD2 handheld wireless transmitter, the SLXD24/58 provides transparent digital audio and rock-solid RF stability for lecture halls and live performances.
UA864 2 Wall-mounted wideband antenna provides wideband RF coverage in a low-profile enclosure that easily mounts on a wall or ceiling.
MXWNCS2 1 2-port networked charging station allows handheld, bodypack, and boundary transmitters to charge in 1 port for each.
MXW2/SM58 2 With an interchangeable SM58® microphone cartridge, MXW2/SM58 features dual transmit antennas that maximize transmission strength based on the user’s hand placement.
MXWAPT2 1 The two-channel MXWAPT2 uses automated frequency coordination to assign clean frequencies to wireless microphone transmitters.
MXA910 1 The new MXA910 with IntelliMix® represents the next evolution in the Microflex® Advance™ Ceiling Array Microphone platform.
A910-HCM 1 Allows MXA910 or MXA920W-S ceiling array microphones to be mounted flush in a drywall or hard ceiling.