IHB Systems prescribes Shure Microflex Wireless microphone network for Doctors of BC headquarters in Vancouver

Customer Profile

Doctors of BC is the association that represents 95% of all doctors in British Columbia. At its Vancouver office, the association hosts up to 45 meetings each month with participants either fully engaged onsite or spread out across the province participating via teleconference.


To create a flexible, easily deployed, microphone system withhigh quality sound for the facility’slarge audioconferencing area, which can be divided into two or three independent meeting rooms used simultaneously.


IHB Systems, a Vancouver-based design-build custom integrator, installed a 32-channel Shure MXW wireless system as a Dante digital network, fully integrated with thefacility’s AV and control systems.


Shure MXW provides automatic frequency coordination, easy operation, superb sound quality, remote monitoring and control for IT Dept., and smart charging docks for transmitter storage.

The conferencing area at Doctors of BC headquarters in Vancouver is a very large room that can be split into three separate meeting rooms. Deploying microphones for the ever-changing room configurations was a daily challenge, often compromising sound quality during audio teleconferences. Doctors of BC engaged IHB Systems, a Vancouver area AV design/build specialist, to create an audio system to solve these issues.

IHB project manager Craig Whitley was impressed with the ease of installation and networking provided by the Shure Microflex® Wireless platform. The system utilizes wall-mounted Access Point Transceivers, which sense when transmitters are removed from their charging station and powered on. Two-way wireless enables remote monitoring and control of all system functions, including fully automatic frequency coordination. Audio and network data ride together on a single Ethernet cable.

To accommodate the maximum of 64 participants in the conference center, IHB Systems installed 32 channels of MXW6/C cardioid boundary microphone transmitters, each covering two participants. A 4-channel Shure ULX-D Digital Wireless System, also Dante-enabled, allows presenters to opt for a handheld BETA58 or WL185 lavalier mic.

With its browser-based Microflex Wireless Control Software and rack-mounted Audio Network Interface, Shure MXW connects easily with other AV networks. IHB Systems prides itself on its intuitive user interfaces, and Shure control strings made it simple to incorporate full command of the wireless systems through the room’s Crestron touch panel.

The MXW systems are deployed with 8 channels in each of the two smaller conference rooms and 16 channels in the larger central meeting room. When the airwalls are opened up to combine rooms, the wireless microphones work together as a unified system. IHB devised specific tunings to ensure consistent sound quality in any room configuration.

“The entire MXW system is so well thought out, there’s literally nothing to worry about in a corporate environment,” notes James Smith, IHB president and founder. “Users don’t have toworry about frequencies and transmitters are stored in their charging stations, so everything works as soon as you turn it on. We set up the transmitters to power up automatically when removed from the charging station. Easy and intuitive.”

Gear List

Model Number Quantity Description
MXW6 32 Boundary transmitter offers a low-profile design and cardioid or omnidirectional polar pattern options for conferencing and presentation applications.
MXWAPT8 4 The eight-channel MXWAPT8 uses automated frequency coordination to assign clean frequencies to wireless microphone transmitters.
MXWANI8 4 Audio network interface streamlines Microflex Wireless connectivity to conference room AV systems over 8 channels.
MXWNCS8 4 8-port networked charging station charges handheld, bodypack, and boundary transmitters and gooseneck bases.
ULXD2/B58 2 With an interchangeable BETA 58A® microphone cartridge, the ULXD2/B58 delivers uncompromising audio quality and RF performance, and AES 256-bit encryption for secure transmission.
ULXD1 2 Up to 12 hours of use with rechargeable battery. 330 ft (100 m) operating range. TA4M and LEMO3 versions available.
ULXD4Q 1 Four channels of uncompromising audio quality, RF signal stability, and advanced setup features in a space-efficient single rack unit.
WL185 2 Wireless premium cardioid condenser lavalier mic for speech applications.