Belgian AV Specialist SWING Chooses Microflex® Complete Wireless

Belgian AV Specialist SWING Chooses Microflex® Complete Wireless

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Belgian AV specialist SWING has become the first AV company in the country to invest in Shure’s Microflex® Complete Wireless (MXCW) system, which offers a solution to any organisation looking for sales or rental of a reliable and user-friendly conference system for ‘the meetings of the future’.


As businesses around the world start to adapt to new ways of holding meetings, the most important aspect of every meeting has become safety and respecting the social distancing regulations. However, these regulations that require at least 1.5 metre space between participants can often hinder good comprehensibility, which has a direct effect on the fluency and the efficiency of the meeting. In addition to this, there’s also the technical challenge of a system that involves all remote participants within the meeting to actively participate.


MXCW offers the perfect solution to all these challenges by providing a platform for participants within the physical meeting space to respect the 1.5 metre social distancing guidelines and allowing to communicate and collaborate with colleagues remotely via an efficient and effective video call from any location.

The MXCW system allows attendees to organise and participate in meetings from any location, either physically present within a meeting space, or from a remote location via a video call.

Participants involved in the meeting can join individually with a smartphone or as a group by connecting via a digital meeting platform, such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype, etc. through the network. MXCW is the perfect partner to these digital platforms, providing a high-quality audio solution for both small and larger meetings of up to 125 participants.


Operating completely wirelessly, the set-up consists of a microphone, loudspeaker and touchscreen that connects to a central antenna easily and effectively, providing clear and concise audio quality. 

The user-friendly design and operation of MXCW make the system very easy to understand and use, even for participants with no prior technical knowledge as the system can be deployed within minutes. Each unit can be set up as either ‘chairman’, ‘meeting participant’, or simply as a ‘listener.’ Individuals in the meeting can then follow the speaker list, set the language and participate in any vote by using the colour touchscreen. Microphones are operated by each user or controlled by a chairman which allows for a more efficient meeting. 

The wireless capacity of MXCW of over 11 hours before recharging makes the system ideal for more in-depth meetings and longer conferences.

Discussing the reasons behind choosing the MXCW system, Dany De Letter, Owner, SWING, said: “We anticipated the increased demand for a conferencing system with outstanding audio quality in a reliable high standard body.”

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Microflex Microflex Complete Wireless 20 Microflex® Complete Wireless conference systems keep up with constantly changing logistics and demands without invasive installs.