Shure Expands Training And Webinar Schedule To Provide More Frequent Programming

April 9, 2020

APRIL 9, 2020 – Shure has expanded its webinar schedule to provide more frequent content given the current industry situation. While the Shure Audio Institute (SAI) typically provided monthly training sessions, programming now will be delivered weekly. Demand for the sessions has been higher than normal, with three times the audience tuning in for recent training sessions versus previous webinars.

“In today’s world of constantly evolving technology and innovative design, it is essential that audio professionals are provided with up-to-date technical insights and training in these ever-expanding fields,” said David Klein, Director, Shure Audio Institute.

The Shure Audio Institute (SAI) is an education and networking platform for Shure customers, including system integrators, consultants, music industry retailers, engineers, and musicians. The selection of online and instructor-led events communicate Shure’s profound expertise encompassing technical, sales, marketing, products and solutions.

Following three successful webinars – How Do I Access Shure Online Training, How To Choose a Microphone 101, and Best Practices for Home Conferencing – Shure is offering a variety of online courses and webinars for learners at all levels, including the following:

  • Integrated Systems Certification, Level 1 and 2 (eligible for CTS credits)
  • Legacy webinars – a collection of important topics relating to Shure products
  • Upcoming webinars – Shure is offering the following sessions:
    • IEMs on Tour – April 9
    • How to Mic a Webinar – April 15
    • RF Stories from the Field: Stadium Events – April 17
    • Designer Demystified – April 22
    • Shure Rechargeable Battery Technology – April 24
    • Shure History – April 29
    • Networking your Wireless for Stages – May 1

Participants can register for upcoming webinars and access more resources at or sign up to receive the Shure e-learning newsletter.