New Shure RF Certification Program Prepares Audio Professionals For Evolving Challenges With Wireless Microphones

October 16, 2019

NEW YORK, Oct. 16, 2019—With the spectrum landscape becoming increasingly crowded, RF coordinators are asked to do more with less. To better prepare audio professionals in today’s evolving wireless marketplace, Shure is offering the RF Certification Program through the Shure Audio Institute (SAI). The new program is intended for RF coordinators and audio professionals who design and operate wireless systems for touring acts, live performance, events, Houses of Worship, broadcast, and theatrical productions.

Professionals will learn how to navigate real-world situations using real equipment. Courses and technical trainings address everything from antenna placement and RF distribution to wireless spectrum accessibility in increasingly crowded environments. Shure’s RF Certification Program consists of two courses for completion:

  • Shure Master Class: Wireless Best Practices and Techniques is a one-day training course that will focus on the foundational theories and concepts needed for successful wireless system deployment. This course is currently available as an in-person training and will soon be available online. Successful completion of The Shure Master Class is a prerequisite to register for The RF Coordination Workshop.
  • The RF Coordination Workshop is a two-day, hands-on training conducted by a team of Shure RF engineers and expert instructors. The goal of this course is to arm participants with the skills needed to navigate and troubleshoot complex RF situations involving high channel counts, multiple zones, and vast coverage areas. Attendees will have the opportunity to showcase their learnings in real-world scenarios using Shure wireless solutions.

“The wireless spectrum has become more complex than ever before, and audio professionals recognize the need to stay informed and up-to-date,” said Dave Klein, Global Director of the Shure Audio Institute. “Our RF Certification Program through SAI will prepare participants to better understand and troubleshoot the most complex wireless deployments. Based on the success of the Integrated Systems Certification Program we introduced last year, we’re excited to continue addressing other key concerns, like RF. This certification is intended to help professionals remain at the top of their game and feel confident in their respective fields.”

Both Shure Master Class: Wireless Best Practices and Techniques and RF Coordination Workshop are eligible for AVIXA CTS-RU credits.

To register for the Shure RF Certification Program visit the Shure Booth at AES-NY (Booth #514), or go to and receive updates on upcoming courses.