Shure ULX-D at Schlossfestspiele 2014, Schwerin

Shure ULX-D at Schlossfestspiele 2014, Schwerin

68 channels of Shure ULX-D digital wireless at German open air theatre production

Martin Wurmnest, Sound Engineer Neumann & Müller 

The audio quality and the RF performance of ULX-D are quite respectable.

For the annual Schlossfestspiele, the old garden in Schwerin turns  into an impressive open air stage. The grandstands hold an audience of  up to 1.761 people. The 2013 Festspiele took place from June 14 - July  21 and staged the operetta "Die Fledermaus" by Johann Strauss.

The Dresden branch of German PA rental company Neumann & Müller  was responsible for the technical execution of the Schlossfestspiele.  The were looking for a reliable wireless solution with maximum spectrum  efficiency and extended RF performance.

Having used Shure's UHF-R wireless systems before, the company opted  for the digital ULX-D systems. Features such as bodypack frequency  diversity, Dante digital audio networking and advanced rechargeability  benefit a flawless performance for all 23 shows.

Erwin Liebscher, Sound Engineer Neumann & Müller 

Due to ULX-D's Dante ability, the setup and patching is very smooth.  Plus you don't have this cable mess that you used to have formerly.

Gear List

Model Number Quantity Description
ULX-D Digital wireless system offers a mix of 24-bit digital audio quality and scalability to meet the demands of installed applications.
ULXD1 Up to 12 hours of use with rechargeable battery. 330 ft (100 m) operating range. TA4M and LEMO3 versions available.
ULXD4D Digital dual wireless receiver offers an intelligent dual-channel option for use in any professional sound reinforcement application.