Global Indian International School Upgrades SMART Campus Singapore with Shure Microflex Ecosystem

Global Indian International School Upgrades SMART Campus Singapore with Shure Microflex Ecosystem


Global International Indian School (GIIS) is ranked one of the best schools in Singapore since 2002. Over the years, GIIS became the leading private International School in Singapore demonstrating proven excellence through spectacular results in IB, CBSE and IGCSE examinations. They have grown to span six countries with 16 campuses combined in Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, UAE and India. A new campus, GIIS SMART Campus has been built from scratch in Singapore for NextGen Learning since 2018.


Starting a project from scratch is a huge deal and audio technology solution is one of the important elements for achieving the goal of a smart campus. The conferencing technology in different spaces in the campus needed to provide the highest sound quality and outstanding speech intelligibility while resolving the challenges they faced.

Specific challenges include: 

  • A variety of different spaces with different needs
  • Installation timeframe
  • Large scale deployment
  • Multiple campus locations

ESCO Pte Ltd. managed the consulting, planning and installation of the audio and visual update on site for this project. 


From seminar hall, conference rooms and meeting rooms, each space required different audio devices so that students and faculty would have a seamless hybrid learning and communication experience. Based on the requirements of the GIIS team, a comprehensive campus audio solution has been designed to bring about an integrated and scalable audio solution.

Microflex® Advance™ MXA910 microphones were deployed in their Library Seminar Room and Istana Board Room, along with Intellimix® P300 processers and MXN5W Dante loudspeakers completing the installation. 

In the Library Seminar Room, it serves as a multifunctional space not only for events, meetings but also for presentations and virtual collaboration across GIIS campuses globally. The Shure Microflex® Advance™ MXA910 Ceiling Array Microphone fits unobtrusively into the room by flush mount. Inconspicuously installed throughout the room, each array provides 8 easily-steerable ‘lobes’ of precision audio capture, enabling participants to move around and work ‘hands-free’ without the need for roving microphones. It all adds up to clearer, free-flowing communication, directly contributing to better outcomes for every participant.

Library Seminar Room
Istana Board Room

A total of 2 permanent ceiling and wall microphones are installed across 2 conference rooms to provide optimal coverage. The sleek, linear form factor of the MXA710 linear array microphone allows for versatile placement in the meeting space. It comes equipped with proprietary Shure IntelliMix® DSP and Autofocus™ technology that provides all the processing needed for echo and noise-free conference audio.

Taj Mahal Meeting Room


The rooms are now benefitting from powerful and flexible cutting-edge AV systems that deliver crystal clear audio for virtual, webinars and other important meetings. Productivity has increased as a direct result of the improved acoustic environments. 

Approaching the project, we wanted to put in an audio solution that respected the design and furnishing of the individual rooms and guaranteed impeccable audio quality. We approached Shure after searching on the quality of their product and also their passion for upgrading and developing technology.

Mr Nigil Anthony, Sr Manager AV.

Shure provides unprecedented flexibility to meet our varying room requirements and it has never been easier to configure and upkeep our audio equipment. We have plans to continue to expand our campus globally and we have confidence that Shure will continue to be able to provide high quality audio capture for AV conferencing without sacrificing aesthetics of today’s modern spaces.

Mr Arjun Temurnikar, Director at GIIS. 

Gear List

Model Number Quantity Description
MXN5W-C MXN5W-C 8 Microflex™ MXN5W-C Networked Loudspeaker
MXA710 MXA710 3 The linear form factor of the MXA710 with IntelliMix® allows for placement virtually anywhere in a meeting space, including on a wall, around a display, ceiling, or into a conference room table.
IntelliMix IntelliMix P300 2 Audio conferencing processor offers IntelliMix DSP algorithms optimized for audio/video conferencing applications.
MXA910 MXA910 3 The new MXA910 with IntelliMix® represents the next evolution in the Microflex® Advance™ Ceiling Array Microphone platform.