Pole Mount Kit

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Allows the MXA910/MXA920 microphone’s included VESA bracket to be suspended from the ceiling using a threaded rod or NPT pole for a simple mounting solution.

A900-PM-3/8IN: Pole Mount Kit to install MXA910 or MXA920 microphones on 3/8-inch threaded rod
A900-S-PM:Pole Mount Kit to install MXA910 or MXA920-S on 1.5-inch threaded NPT pole
A900B-R-PM:Pole Mount Kit with black cover, to install black or aluminum MXA920-R on 1.5-inch threaded NPT pole
A900W-R-PM:Pole Mount Kit with white cover, to install white MXA920-R on 1.5-inch threaded NPT pole

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