Beringen Community Council

Beringen Community Council

Beringen's Community council recently chose to upgrade their existing discussion system with a brand new digital SHURE DDS5900 digital solution. FACE was tasked with the entire project, from planning to installation and configuration.

Clear communication is key - especially for a community council. The Conference room “De Raadzaal” in the Town hall is used for Beringen's Community Council meetings, but should equally serve to host a local press event or info session

“The room's existing analogue system was worn out and outdated, so we opted to replace it entirely with a digital solution” says Jeroen Willems - Product Specialist Audio at FACE. “We selected SHURE's DIS 5900 system, because it combines crystal clear sound, flexible setup and is extremely intuitive to operate”.

Glenn Willems - FACE Account Manager: “The system is built up from a  central CU5905 unit that controls 37 individual DC5980 discussion  stations. By using a wireless access point, the entire setup can be  programmed and controlled remotely from a tablet”.

Mode Selector

A range of different operation modes can be applied to various  scenarios for the room. For example, you're able to choose a mode that  allows all stations to talk, or select a pre-set where only the chairman  can allow a specific station to have their say. A third  “first-come-first-served” option allows participants to “request a  ticket” so everyone can address the room, while the system automatically  controls the sequence. A fourth mode activates the unit whenever a  person starts to talk into the microphone.

Easy programming, intuitive operation

The user interface of the system is so intuitive, although it was out  first time programming this specific setup, we didn’t even have to open  up the manual. On the other hand, once the units are put into  operation, the system automatically presents the delegate selection  interface on the chairman’s control tablet”.

Microphone selection

Each unit is equipped with a SHURE GM5924 gooseneck microphone. The  mic has a built in LED that provides the participants with visual  feedback, so they know when it's their turn to talk..

Jeroen explains: “Originally the system was set up with hypercardiod  microphones, which we found to have a rather narrow pick-up. We opted to  use cardio microphones instead. The room itself is sufficiently quiet -  there's not a lot of reverb or background noise, so this way we avoid  participants talk outside the microphone's field. It dramatically  enhances the system's intelligibility. 

Record the room

The addition of a Denon DN700R brings recording functionality to the  entire setup. The unit allows recordings to be stored locally on its  internal SD drive, and a USB drive simultaneously. The internal  recordings are also accessible via an intuitive interface from any web  browser. Any recording can be played back remotely- so transcripts can  be made very easily.

Gear List

Model Number Quantity Description
DDS DDS 5900 Digital discussion system enables up to 250 meeting participants to hear each other clearly, across the room or across the country.
GM GM 5923 & GM 5924 Gooseneck microphones offer excellent frequency range and RF resistance in 2 lengths for optimal positioning and sound reproduction.