SHURE in partnership with RADA


The collaboration between RADA and Shure is one of innovation, rigour and experimentation. Shure is world-renowned for creating sound products of exceptional quality that combine durability and technical innovation. Shure’s success is due to their passion for sound and the belief that audio electronics are the means to self-expression for individuals worldwide. Founded in 1925, Shure’s commitment to the highest quality standards and the methodical pursuit of perfection is reflected in every product and business practice. These standards are guided by the principal of founder S N Shure: “We know very well that absolute perfection cannot be attained, but we will never stop striving for it”. The partnership between RADA and Shure ensures the high standards of excellence and helps to deliver consistency across specialist training, product development and application. The partnership includes donations of Shure’s microphones and masterclasses in wireless technology.

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