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Online Shop - UK only: Can I surprise family and friends in another European country with a present?
August 12, 2019

Unfortunately this is not currently possible. ...

Online Shop - UK only: How long does it take to process my refund?
August 12, 2019

The returned merchandise will be inspected when it arrives at the warehouse. When all is confirmed, we will transfer the amount payable back to your b ...

Online Shop - UK only: My product is more than 2 years old and broken – What can I do?
August 12, 2019

Please let us know what exactly the problem with your product is. Together we’ll find the best solution for you. ...

Online Shop - UK only: What happens if I have received a defective item?
August 12, 2019

We're very sorry - this should not have happened, but don't worry. We've got you covered!Every Shure product comes with a 2-year warranty. Within this ...

GLX-D & GLX-D Advanced: Are there different transmitters?
August 8, 2019

No. There is only one series of transmitters. These can be used with GLX-D receivers (GLXD4 and GLXD6) as well as with GLX-D Advanced receivers (GLXD4 ...

MOTIV: Is this unit plug-and-play?
August 8, 2019

Yes. No driver needs to be installed. ...

MOTIV: Are there specific requirements concerning operating systems that should be met to be compatible with the Motiv devices?
August 8, 2019

Motiv can be used with any Mac or PC. Additionally, all iDevices that come with a lightning port can be connected to the Motiv products. ...

VP83F: How much audio can I expect to record onto a flash drive?
August 8, 2019

This always depends on the quality and format of the recorded audio as well as the memory space on the SD card. ...

VP83 & VP83F: What´s the max. distance of a person that should be picked up from the microphone?
August 8, 2019

Closer is always better, because of physics and the inverse square law. A mic mounted on a camera is always a compromise. Ideally, there would be a la ...