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Shure Earphones: How do I detach the drivers?

Just pull the earphones from the cable. Even if there seems to be some resistance, earphones don´t break. ...

FP: What’s the operating range?

FP Wireless and SLX units can be mixed and are intercompatible if same the frequency bands are used. ...

Beta 58A: Is there a wireless version available?

A Beta 58A head is available for all current Shure wireless microphone systems except for BLX and GLX-D. ...

BLX / GLX-D: I perform all over Europe. What system should I buy?

The 2.4 GHz range that is used with GLX-D systems is usable globally without any need for registration. There is no UHF TV band used for BLX that can ...

What are the differences between the different SE models?

SE112: Uses one dynamic driver and does not feature detachable cableSE215: Uses one dynamic driver and comes with detachable cable and ergonomic earph ...

Shure Earphones: What´s the max. attenuation of Shure earphones?

Shure Sound Isolating Earphones block up to 37 dB of background noise depending on the used sleeves. ...

Shure Earphones: Can I use them while running? Will they be damaged by sweat?

The SE215, SE315, SE425, SE535 and SE846 earphones use a cable which is resistant against sweat. These earphones have been designed to resist conditio ...

Shure Earphones: I’ve got intermittent audio. How do I trouble shoot a potential fault?

Try to figure out if the defect comes from one of the earbuds or a connector. As soon as you may have diagnosed the point of failure, get in touch wit ...