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Shure Earphones: What´s the max. attenuation of Shure earphones?
August 8, 2019

Shure Sound Isolating Earphones block up to 37 dB of background noise depending on the used sleeves. ...

Shure Earphones: Are they noise cancelling or sound isolating?
August 8, 2019

Shure earphones are based on the sound isolating principle. ...

Shure Earphones: How do I clean the Shure Sound Isolating Earphones?
August 8, 2019

Shure earphones furnish a cleaning tool. Use the wire loop of this tool to remove wax/debris build-up if you recognize any change in the overall outpu ...

Shure Earphones: I’ve got intermittent audio. How do I trouble shoot a potential fault?
August 8, 2019

Try to figure out if the defect comes from one of the earbuds or a connector. As soon as you may have diagnosed the point of failure, get in touch wit ...

Shure Earphones: The earphones are noisy what should I do?
August 8, 2019

Try to clean the earphones using the furnished cleaning tool. If the sound does not improve, please get in touch with your local Shure service center. ...

Shure Earphones: Can I go for a custom mold?
August 8, 2019

Custom molds are not directly offered by Shure but there are partners in each country that offer custom molds. ...