Twinplex ear mount

Date Updated: 18/09/2019 FAQ #5872


What is the earmount I see for the Twinplex mics?


A few of you have asked whether we sell the "ear rig" that you see in some of the theater images for TwinPlex, models TL45, TL46, TL47, TL48 (the man with hat, TwinPlex attached to ear-worn mechanism). We do not sell that type of product, but it is frequently built or created on-site by A2 theater techs.

Following is an online article put together by Masque, one of the larger rental companies near NYC: 

Also useful is this part made by Telex.

Here's a video on how to make this mount:

Items/tools covered on the webinar.

  • SkinPrep® wipes by Smith&Nephew (Use before adhering tapes to skin)
  • 3M Tegaderm® tape
  • 3M Transpore® Tape
  • Alcohol wipes (for skin prep and to remove paint/residue from cable)
  • UniSolve® Adhesive remover (for removing Tape Residue)
  • Compressed Air (for preventing sweat outs)
  • Hellerman Tool.
  • Hellerman Sleeves: Sizes H15/H20. Pink
  • Hand Sanitizer (Lubrication to install sleeves onto Hellerman tool)
  • Copic® Markers for painting cables. (permanently colors them)
  • Liquitex Arcylic Paint (more easily removed)
  • Melatonin Shoe Polish (Spray can) (more easily removed)
  • Millinery wire (cloth covered) 17-19 gauge (approx. 1mm for ear-rigs)
  • Floral Wire (for aiming the mic near the element)
  • Toupee Clips-smallest size available.
  • Elastic Cord-1mm (for attaching mic to Toupee clips)
  • Clear Nail polish (for preventing frayed elastic cord)