DIS-CCU Central Control Unit

Central control unit for use with MXC-series, 5900-series, or 6000-series conference and discussion units.

Product Details

Central control unit for use with DDS5900 (standard) or MXC (requires optional Feature License). In DDS5900 mode, powers up to 60 microphone units and supports up to 250 units. Also supports 2 language channels. Two analogue audio inputs for external sources such as wireless microphones, and 8 analogue audio outputs for connection to videoconferencing system, A/V recording equipment, supplemental sound reinforcement system, or wireless language distribution system.

With Feature License FL6000, the DIS-CCU can be used with MXC and 6000 series units serving up to 250 participants and 4 language channels. Additional Feature Licenses enable support for up to 3,800 participants, and up to 31 languages.

  • Fully digital distribution of the main “floor” audio plus 31 interpretation channels over a single shielded CAT5e network cable
  • Support for up to 250 participants; up to 3,800 participants with optional feature licenses
  • Enables up to 8 active microphones, controlled by participants or chairman/technician
  • Multi-language web browser for system configuration, microphone control, and name/seat assignment via tablet or computer
  • 4 DCS-LAN chain connections; 2 analog audio inputs; 8 analog audio outputs
  • Compatible with EX 6010 Extension Unit, JB 6104 Junction Box, RP 6004 Repeater and PI-6000 Power Kit for additional power or cabling flexibility in larger installations




EX 6010

EX 6010 Extension Power Supply Unit for DDS 5900 and DCS 6000

JB 6104

JB 6104 Junction Box for DDS 5900 or DCS 6000 systems

RP 6004

RP 6004 Repeater unit, splits one DCS-LAN chain into four

AO 6004

AO 6004 Audio Output Unit for DCS 6000

AO 6008

AO 6008 Audio Output Unit for DCS 6000 and MXC

SZ 6104

SZ 6104 Switcher to connect two DCS 6000 central units

RC 6000

RC 6000 Redundancy Controller for use with PS CU Power Supply


PI6000 Power Inserter


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SW6000 Conference Management Software

SW6000 Conference Management Software provides configuration, control, management, and customization of conferences and meetings. Includes extensive voting control, full language support, and agenda configuration with linked documents and web links.

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