DIR - Digital IR Audio Distribution System


Digital IR Audio Distribution System

Digital IR audio distribution system designed for use in both permanent installations and temporary set-ups of up to 32 high-quality channels. Features include digital infrared transmission, easy set-up and operation, and excellent sound quality.

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DR 6004, DR 6008 & DR 6032

DR 6004, DR 6008 & DR 6032 Receivers

Receivers for use in wireless simultaneous interpretation systems by means of invisible digital infrared light, up to 32 channels can be received with superb audio quality.


DT 6008 & DT 6032

DT 6008 & DT 6032 Digital Transmitter

The DT 6008 or DT 6032 Digital Transmitter is the central modulator unit which receives audio from the interpreter and transmits it for wireless digital language distribution.


RA 6013 & RA 6025

RA 6013 & RA 6025 Digital Radiator

Digital Radiator used for powerful distribution of reliable infra-red digital signals throughout the conference venue to the wireless digital receivers.


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