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Top 8 Microphone Myths Exposed

Davida Rochman | 08/07/2014
We're setting the record straight on mic folklore and debunking the most common microphone microphone myths.

3 Alternative Guitar Mics to the SM57

Marc Henshall | 08/07/2014
The Shure SM57 is quite possibly the most popular and widely used microphone to record electric guitars. But there are other microphones that you should consider when choosing a guitar mic. Here are three of them.

Wired Vs Wireless for Guitar, Which Sounds the Best?

Marc Henshall | 30/06/2014
Opinions vary on how wired and wireless guitar setups can affect your tone. We look at what makes a good wired or wireless setup and how to preserve your tone.

5 Things That Make GLXD16 (Beta Digital Wireless Pedal System) the Ultimate Secret Weapon for Guitar Players

Marc Henshall | 24/06/2014
Through years of experience, research, and development, Shure has produced a system that guitarists can actually get excited about. Here are 5 reasons GLX-D16 could prove invaluable to your rig.

10 Recording Tips for Electric Guitar Players - Part 2

Marc Henshall | 09/06/2014
This is part 2 of our 10 recording tips for electric guitar players, where we provide tips to help you get the best possible results from the start.

10 Recording Tips for Electric Guitar Players - Part 1

Marc Henshall | 02/06/2014
Professional recordings can be achieved at home or in a small project studio for a relatively modest budget; you just need to get the basics right and the rest becomes much easier.

Discover Why Your SM58 Grill Is Designed to Dent

Marc Henshall | 23/05/2014
When used on the road, mic grills will inevitably receive abuse. We look at how the Shure SM58 grill is designed to dent - protecting your microphone.

Choosing a Saxophone Microphone for Recording and Live Sound

Davida Rochman | 15/05/2014
In this post, we're going to turn the spotlight on an essential instrument in the horn section: the saxophone. To help us do it, we've turned to a trio of pros: ADAM HILL from Memphis's legendary Ardent Studios (where everyone from Big Star to the Staples Singers and Isaac Hayes has recorded), FOH Engineer FRANK GILBERT who mixes sound at Chicago's hippest live music venues and our own DEAN GIAVARAS, a sax player and the chief recording engineer at Shure's state-of-the-art Performance Listening Center.

Shure Unidyne, 75 Years of the World's Most Recognisable Mic

Marc Henshall | 29/04/2014
When the unidyne 55 was introduced, it was the first single element unidirectional dynamic microphone in the world. From entertainers to politicians, past and present, the Unidyne remains the world's most recognisable microphone. In celebration, we look at the Unidyne story and what makes it the basis for all microphones built today.

Unusual Recording Techniques: Trash Mic

Marc Henshall | 09/04/2014
To continue with our blog series featuring unconventional studio techniques, we're looking at yet another experimental technique called the "Trash Mic."