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SM58 Facts vs. Fiction—Part 4

Davida Rochman | 22/10/2012
Get up close and personal with an SM58, and the sound gets all warm and deep. It's called 'proximity effect'. In this video, Shure's Chad Wiggins explains that this is perfectly normal – and how a savvy singer can use it creatively.

November Webinar: The Story of the SM58

Allison Wolcott | 19/10/2012
Chris Lyons, Technical and Educational Communications Manager, and a panel of SM58 experts will discuss the origins of the SM58 and separate the facts from fiction about this legendary workhorse.

SM58 Facts vs. Fiction—Part 3

Davida Rochman | 15/10/2012
When feedback strikes, the microphone usually takes the rap. But feedback isn't all the mic's fault. In this video, Chad Wiggins comes clean, and reveals that feedback is an acoustic conspiracy.

SM58 Facts vs. Fiction—Part 2

Davida Rochman | 08/10/2012
Like scars on a heavyweight prize fighter, a bashed and bruised grille reveals the long, hard road that an SM58 microphone has traveled. Like a bodyguard, the grille's job is to take a beating to protect the "VIP" – the more-delicate microphone transducer inside. In this video, Chad Wiggins explains why a 58 keeps working long after other microphones have gone down for the count.

SM58 Facts vs. Fiction!

Davida Rochman | 01/10/2012
The legendary Shure SM58® vocal microphone is the industry standard for live performance, sound reinforcement, and studio recording. Being the most popular microphone in the world creates a mystique, as well as, some myths! To separate fact from fiction, we have put together a four part video series that sets the record straight—about the SM58!

Drum Mastery 2011

Shure Incorporated | 28/03/2012
Let’s be honest, drummers don’t always get the glory they deserve. But where would the world’s greatest bands be without someone to lock in the beat?

Introduction to Wireless Systems

Davida Rochman | 29/04/2010
Wireless microphones have become increasingly popular as their sound quality, reliability, and cost have improved. This booklet is intended for people who are using a wireless microphone for the first time, or who are trying to decide which model to purchase to suit their particular needs. It provides a basic understanding of how wireless microphone systems work and what level of performance can reasonably be expected from them.

Roswellite - What Is This Stuff?

Davida Rochman | 29/04/2010
The Material That Revolutionized Ribbon Microphones: Roswellite ™ - What Is It?

Talkin' Ribbon Microphones

Davida Rochman | 25/05/2009
Think about microphone types today and your mind will automatically turn to the dynamic and condenser types that dominate live sound reinforcement and recording applications. But from the 1930s through the 1950s, the ribbon velocity microphone ruled the airwaves.

Six Keys to Better Audio for Home Recording and Podcasting

Davida Rochman | 09/03/2009
The Foo Fighters first album. Stand-up Mark Maron's twice-weekly WTF podcast. What they have in common is technology that makes it possible for artists to launch their careers by creating professional recordings in a bedroom, basement, garage or hotel room. They did it and so can you.