Shure & Signature Brew – Making Live Music Better Together

Shure Incorporated | 27/06/2018

Shure & Signature Brew  are proud to announce their partnership, born from a mutual commitment  to improving fans' experience at live music events. From gigs to music  festivals, through the quality of the beer or the delivery of the sound.  We're both here for the discerning music fan, fans that expect more  from the gigs they go to.

Signature Brew are an independent East London brewery on a mission to  bring great beer and great music closer than ever before by improving  the quality of beer at live music events. Being industry standard and  the most popular vocal microphone in the world, Signature Brew are proud  to incorporate the dependability of Shure's microphones into their tap  handles and roll them out into the best venues, bars and festivals the  UK has to offer.

“We’re excited to have such a stalwart of the live circuit, Shure’s  iconic SM58, as Signature Brew’s tap handles,” explains Signature Brew  co-founder Sam McGregor. “Everything we do at Signature Brew is  music-inspired. When we collaborate with artists to create beer we work  with musicians with integrity that we respect, this partnership with  Shure is no different. Many of us at the brewery are musicians so we  fully appreciate what an incredible piece of hardware this mic is and  are confident it will be just as robust on the bar as on the stage.”

Much like Shure, Signature Brew are renowned for artist  collaborations and have produced exclusive brews with an unparalleled  20+ artists, including Mastodon, Frank Turner, Enter Shikari, Rodney P,  Slaves and more.

Shure are very excited to partner with a company who have the same  passion for music and total quality as themselves. Marc Henshall, Pro  Audio Marketing at Shure UK comments “There is a famous quote from our  founder, Sidney Shure that all of us at the company hold dear – “We know  very well that absolute perfection cannot be attained but we will never  stop striving for it.” – it’s a powerful statement that drives so much  of what we do at Shure worldwide and it’s clear that Signature Brew are  equally committed to their craft. The experience of live music is so  integral to the future health of the music industry, and ultimately the  state of nation’s creative culture. We’re proud to partner with  Signature Brew in helping to drive up standards wherever possible.”

Shure and Signature brew will be working on exciting projects and collaborations across the festival period and months to come.

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