Drum Mastery: Look Ma, No Sticks!

Shure Incorporated | 01/09/2019

Shure recently had a special visitor to our main office in Germany: Drum Mastery 2019 finalist Matthias Knorr. 

The contest’s second-place finisher described how he found his way to the drums and explained his passion for playing percussion without sticks. He also showed off some of those chops that won him $3,000 in Shure gear!

“I started playing the drums at the age of three,” Matthias says. “I explored my mom’s kitchen cabinets and found all kinds of stuff: cooking spoons, pans, plastic bowls. And I Just started drumming.”

Currently working as a music teacher, Matthias also runs his own YouTube channel, which is why good miking is a topic near and dear to his heart.

“Microphone technique is very important to me,” he explains. I started out with overheads and a bass drum mic and explored the possibilities. I realized it can be a super tool for practicing.”

Check out the full interview now.

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