Shure Axient, UHF-R & PSM 1000 Wireless used at final Monty Python shows

Shure Axient, UHF-R & PSM 1000 Wireless used at final Monty Python shows

Shure helps Python ring down the curtain & join the choir invisible

Graham Colley, RF Tech 

…it's been great being able to monitor everything through the  Wireless Workbench software. I'm pleased to say everything was rock  solid!

This is an ex-Python. Bereft of life, it rests in peace, following  the final sell-out Monty Python stage shows at the O2, which brought  down the giant comedy foot with a resounding raspberry for the very last  time on Sunday July 20th. 

Behind the scenes, the last-ever theatrical presentation of the  Python team's sketchbook was a high-tech affair, making extensive use of  Shure wireless microphone and in-ear monitoring technology to ensure  that every llama, lumberjack, albatross, crunchy frog, and mention of  spam and excrementally runny camembert could be heard clearly —  particularly on the final night, which was broadcast live  internationally.

Responsibility for this not-inconsiderable task fell to the show's  appointed sound designer, Rory Madden of live production and audio  equipment hire company Sonalyst, who has most recently looked after the  hit 2013 hit West End musical production of The Commitments, amongst  many other successes in his 40-year career. Madden chose Shure's  flagship Axient wireless mic system (16 channels in all) for the five  principal surviving Pythons plus their longtime comic foil Carol  Cleveland, with each one double-miked for redundancy. The rest of the  cast, chorus and dancers were furnished with Shure's UHF-R wireless mics  (40 channels), while the production's in-ear monitoring requirements  were handled by 16 channels of Shure PSM1000.

"I've tried all of the available systems, and own a lot of them,"  comments Madden, explaining his equipment choices, "but I believe Shure  make the most reliable and stable wireless systems. The sound and  features on Axient are great, and the support from Shure has been second  to none."

RF Tech Graham Colley, who has previously overseen wireless  microphone rigs during the London and Sochi Olympics, adds, "UHF-R and  Axient worked really well together — UHF-R's compact UR1M transmitter  packs were perfect for the dancers — and it's been great being able to  monitor everything through the Wireless Workbench software. I'm pleased  to say everything was rock solid!"

Gear List

Model Number Quantity Description
Axient Wireless management network offers a spectrum management suite to integrate spectrum analysis, channel allocation, and device management.
PSM 1000 An unprecedented combination of audio and RF performance for the most demanding professional monitoring applications.
UHF-R Wireless system masters the high pressure and extreme conditions of any large-scale touring or installation while delivering uncompromising audio.
WWB6 Wireless Workbench offers total control of networked Shure Systems to provide a rich interface to manage every facet of a performance.