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The state of Scottish AV

Craig Collin | October 11, 2016
Shure UK's Craig Collin explains how the Scottish education market is leading AV investment and how Canary Wharf is not the only place in the UK seeing huge advances in conferencing technology.

Save yourself from the droopy mics and unwanted noise

Kevin Beazley | July 24, 2016
Shure Conference Manager Kevin Beazley discusses the latest trends and what to consider when choosing a discussion system.

Achieve Invisible Audio with the MXA910 Ceiling Array Microphone

Rob Klegon | June 27, 2016
Associate Product Manager Rob Klegon discusses features of the MXA910 Ceiling Array Microphone that allow it to deliver clear and invisible audio.

How Will It Sound in the Cloud?

Andrew Low | May 5, 2016
Cloud computing was a subject that hovered over the discussions on the floor of this year's UCExpo. While several panellists argued whether the future of video conferencing hardware hangs in the balance, it is interesting to think of this subject as it directly relates to AV conferencing sound.

Conference Miking: Seven Spaces + Seven Solutions

Davida Rochman | February 9, 2016
When it comes to choosing a conferencing system, the size of the room will help you narrow the choices.

Mics and Mic Techniques for Conferencing Systems

Davida Rochman | November 4, 2015
These days, the task of running audio for meetings and conferences often falls to the AV team. If you're more comfortable with bits and packets than proximity effect, here are some microphone tips that will make you an audio pro.

September Webinar: How to Specify a Discussion / Conference System

Cheryl DaProza | September 5, 2014
Join Chris Lyons and Gino Sigismondi from Shure to learn the specific components that are required to deliver the most requested features in boardrooms, city councils, and other meeting facilities.

CommShield® Technology Improves RF Resistance

Davida Rochman | February 26, 2007
Microflex® microphones from Shure are used in a wide variety of applications for sound reinforcement, recording, and distance conferencing. They are found in boardrooms, conference rooms, courtrooms, interview rooms, on podiums, and even hanging from ceilings for choir vocal pick-up. Microflex product lines are very popular with sound contractors, consultants, and end users. They provide unmatched quality for many applications.