Saxion University of Applied Sciences upgrades its audio with Shure ULX-D

Saxion University of Applied Sciences is one of the largest  institutions of higher education in the Netherlands, currently with over  26,000 students and 2,200 staff members. Because of their rapid  expansion in the last 5 years they needed to equip new buildings and new  classrooms with audio equipment.

Edwin Noordink, Policy Advisor Saxion

Besides good audio quality, reliability really was our biggest  requirement. Failing equipment is unacceptable for our professors, the  products in use are bound to a simple plug & play principle.

The old material being used was facing difficulties due to the recent  frequency changes. With the rollout of 4G mobile broadband, problems  started to occur.

They wanted to have uniformity across all three cities and in all  buildings. Essential for teachers changing location, the equipment  needed to be easy to operate. The audio quality needed to be outstanding  and because of the many classrooms next to each other, systems needed  to handle a high count of operating and compatible systems.

Another well-known issue with wireless systems are the batteries, if  this could somehow be tackled with a new system it would be a big plus.

As a solution to these requirements, PTH Groep proposed Shure ULX-D  Digital Wireless System. This system is well known for its outstanding  performance and reliability in the most extreme demanding installed  situation. This system can handle a high count of operational systems in  a relatively small spectrum.

Another advantage is the rechargeable Li-ion batteries. One rechargeable  battery from Shure is the equivalent of 2,500 conventional alkaline AA  batteries. Besides being friendly for the environment this is also a  huge benefit for budgets. And when it comes to operating times, the  rechargeable batteries also have an advantage over conventional  batteries, with times 

Recharging of the batteries takes place in the SBC200 docking  chargers, and multiple chargers are linked to form a charging station.  Batteries can be charged in or outside the transmitter, meaning that the  whole handheld microphone could be placed in the station or the  batteries could be placed separately. The system allows accurate  monitoring of the current battery status and its overall performance in  the battery lifespan.

All transmitters are labelled for their corresponding classrooms and are  stored centrally, allowing for easy and efficient charging and  dispatching. Everybody can use the wireless systems with confidence,  which is an important issue for both the service team and the  professors. Edwin Noordink, Policy Advisor Saxion, explains “Besides  good audio quality, reliability really was our biggest requirement.  Failing equipment is unacceptable for our professors, the products in  use are bound to a simple plug & play principle”.

The various rooms that are equipped with Shure ULX-D are:

  • College rooms
  • Theater rooms
  • Central hall

In addition, mobile sets are available which can be used flexibly whenever the situation requires extra wireless channels.

Product maintenance is performed by PTH Groep, onsite handling is done by the technical team from Saxion.

Gear List

Model Number Quantity Description
ULXD4D Digital dual wireless receiver offers an intelligent dual-channel intelligent option for use in any professional sound reinforcement application.
ULX-D Digital wireless system offers a mix of 24-bit digital audio quality and scalability to meet the demands of installed applications.
ULXD1 Digital bodypack transmitter offers compatibility with ULX-D Digital Wireless Systems and delivers uncompromising audio quality and RF performance.