Shure reveals live legends


Shure EMEA announces the winning bands in the “Call for Legends – Live” contest

Lehmanns Brothers

Lehmanns Brothers

Shure has announced the three winning bands in its recent EMEA-wide  band competition “Call for Legends – Live”. The first prize winners are  the Lehmanns Brothers, an eight-piece soul/funk band from France.

The competition ran from September to December 2016 and the  requirements were that bands entering had to be based in the EMEA region  (Europe, the Middle East, or Africa) and to have a strong passion for  live performances. To prove this, bands had to upload a video of a gig  in front of a live audience, along with a band biography. The winning  groups receive Shure equipment worth thousands of Euros, and the  first-prize winner additionally has the opportunity of playing live at  the prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival, and of taking home a  professional audio and video recording of their festival performance.

The competition has exceeded all expectations; during the 12-week  search, a total of 516 groups from 35 different countries entered. The  uploaded video performances were judged by a Shure-led panel including  the UK band Blossoms and representatives from the Montreux Jazz  Festival. After some long and difficult decision-making, the judges have  now announced the winning three groups.

The first prize was won by jazz-influenced funk and neo-soul outfit  Lehmanns Brothers, from Bordeaux, France. The band has been performing  together since 2013, making music influenced by Maceo Parker and Fred  Wesley's groundbreaking work with James Brown in the 1960s, and also 90s  hip-hop and neo-soul. They released a four-track EP, Dreams &  Nightmares, in 2015. The Lehmanns Brothers will now receive Shure  equipment to a value of 5000 Euros, and perform live in Montreux in July  2017.

“We are so excited about this great opportunity and would like to  thank Shure and the Montreux Jazz Festival for making our dreams come  true”, says Julien Anglade of Lehmanns Brothers. “But of course we  wouldn’t have been that successful without the great support of our fans  and their votes. Thanks to all who believed in us and – rendez-vous in  Montreux!”

The runners-up, Glasgow's new wave/post-punk quartet 100 Fables, and  Shiivah from Toulon, France, win Shure equipment worth 3000 Euros and  1000 Euros respectively. Videos of the winning bands' performances can  be seen at the following links:

"Since the first beats of “Boogie Man”, I knew Lehmanns Brothers  would be at the top of my list. They are funky, groovy and it's the  perfect band for a hot summer evening at the Montreux Jazz Festival. We  are looking forward to see them live on the open air stage!” says  Claudia Regolatti, Music in the Park booking and coordination at the  Montreux Jazz Festival.

Jens Rothenburger, Senior Marketing Manager at Shure EMEA, adds: "On  behalf of Shure EMEA, I'd like to congratulate the amazingly talented  Lehmanns Brothers on their victory in our Call for Legends - Live  competition. It was hard fought and very well deserved. We hope they  enjoy their new Shure gear, and we look forward to seeing them in  Montreux later this year!"

More details on all three winners of the Call for Legends - Live contest can be found at the official site