Shure Network Audio Encryption Enhances Security


Amsterdam, Netherlands, February 6, 2018—At Integrated Systems Europe 2018, Shure will feature products that include Shure Network Audio Encryption to protect networked audio connections between Shure products against security breaches. The technology safeguards confidential content without compromising audio quality. Shure Network Audio Encryption is based on the AES-256 algorithm that has been widely adopted by leading financial institutions, government agencies, and health care providers that are concerned with data security. Until now, however, such robust security was not available to protect networked audio signals.

“Confidentiality is a concern for all types of organizations,” said Chad Wiggins, Senior Category Director, Networked Systems Products at Shure. “As audio moves onto the network, it is important to control who has access to it.”

Shure Network Audio Encryption uses a user-configured pass phrase on each Shure device. Only Shure devices with the correct pass phrase will permit audio to be heard. With Shure Network Audio Encryption enabled, Dante audio is encrypted before being sent over the network. When it is received by another Shure device that supports this feature, it is decrypted and forwarded for IntelliMix® processing or analog conversion.

“This is a valuable tool in the IT manager’s security toolbox,” continued Wiggins. “While no network is completely secure, Shure Network Audio Encryption can be combined with other network security measures like device access control and network partitioning to create a multi-layered security solution.”

Shure Network Audio Encryption will be available with Microflex® Advance ceiling and table array microphones, the P300 Audio Conferencing Processor, and selected Audio Network Interfaces in early 2018. Microflex® Wireless will be supported later in 2018. The feature can be added to these products already installed in the field through a firmware upgrade.

For more information on Shure Network Audio Encryption, visit Shure booth 3-B110 at ISE 2018 or go to